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Lebenden Toten (photo by Martin Sorrondeguy)

MRR #431 • April 2019

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This month’s issue of Maximum Rocknroll features:

  • Nostradamus himself!
  • LEBENDEN TOTEN from Portland City
  • Brazil’s COMPLETERS
  • Joey lives!
  • TERRY from Melbourne, Australia
  • San Francisco’s First and Only Rock ’n’ Roll Movie: CRIME 1978
  • Green tape!
  • CENTRAL from Vladimir, Russia
  • Chicago’s Not Normal label
  • Elitism!
  • CHILD’S POSE from London
  • Italy’s IMPULSO
  • A ghost!
  • Oh no — chorus pedals!
  • WEEDRAT from the Navajo Nation
  • Australia’s UBIK
  • The fourth chord!
  • Photo spreads from Karoline Collins and David Garcerán
  • Photographic scene report from Belém, Brazil


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