Advertising with us is a great way to support Maximum Rocknroll and get your project seen by an audience of global punks. We only accept ads from bands, labels, distributors, and publishers that we would cover in our reviews sections. Other types of advertisers we take on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to refuse any ad and will refund your fee. New advertisers, please contact us first, before sending an ad or payment.

Size, Format, and Deadlines

Specs: Ads for print should be TIFF format; highest quality JPEG at 300 dpi; EPS w/fonts outlined; or PDF w with fonts embedded.

Submit: Via attachment in an email to or mail a hard copy to our mailing address. The deadline for ads is the third Monday of each month.

1/6 page:
5″ high by 2.5″ wide
$33 via mail / $34.65 via PayPal

1/3 page (long):
10″ high by 2.5″ wide
$90 via mail / $94.50 via PayPal

1/3 page (square):
5″ high by 5″ wide
$110 via mail / $115.50 via PayPal

1/2 page: 5″ high by 7.5″ wide
$165 via mail / $173.25 via PayPal

Full page: 10″ high by 7.5″ wide
$400 via mail / $420 via PayPal

Ad Deals and Auto-Payments

We also offer discounts for six-month and twelve-month print ad deals: buy five ads and get one free, or buy ten ads and get two free!

In order to receive these discounts, payment must be made before the first ad runs. We also offer auto payments for recurring monthly print ads. If you select ‘Auto-pay’ your account will be charged once a month and your ad will run automatically until you tell us to stop!

Payment Options

Use these payment dropdowns to select your preferred size. Hit “Buy” to send a secure payment directly to

Single Ad

Buy 5, Get 6

Buy 10, get 12

Auto-Pay Single Ad

To pay by mail, check the rates above and send well-concealed cash, or a check or money order made out to Maximum Rocknroll to PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94117 USA.

Please email us at to let us know if you are sending cash or if you have a question not addressed here.