MRR #446 • July 2020

The Multiverse is Lit 2020 poster

The Multivrs Is Illuminated 2020

What’s more punk than a cypher where a street corner or a living room becomes a venue? What’s more DIY than selling mixtapes out the trunk, feeding the people like so many of our elders did, or throwing a party to pay rent? What’s more punk than existing, thriving and creating in a system that has been trying to destroy you for generations?

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Philadelphia Punks for Black Lives: 19 Notes on a Broken System

Since the uprising began following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Philadelphia has been reckoning with its own legacy of racism and police brutality. The punk response has been 19 Notes on a Broken System, a digital and cassette benefit by local bands to support the movement and challenge the causes and consequences of […]

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