Official Hooligan EP

A well-done UK Oi 7″, the third from this band. It’s musically good, great production-wise, but lyrically confused, to say the least. There are good anti-police and anti-government songs, but the pro-violence “Battle-Scarred Skinheads” put a chill down my spine. For those who don’t care.

Made in England EP

Good basic Britskunk with no real surprises. I mean, the chorus on “New Punks” actually has “Oi, Oi, Oi” in the background. ANTISOCIAL show off some drive and a nice dense guitar attack, but nary an original idea.

To Many People / Lets Have Some Fun! 7"

ANTISOCIAL sound more like an American outfit on their second single. One side is stop-and-go thrash, less DISCHARGE-like than most English thrash. The other side is slow, but also excellent.