War on 45 12"

The band now includes Joey and Dave from the other line-up, plus Dimwit and Wimpy Roy from the “other” famous Vancouver band, the SUBHUMANS. This record isn’t as frnatic as Hardcore ’81, but it’s more typical of DOA’s live rock ’n’ roll, somewhat reminiscent of the old MC5. They also do some reggae, and covers of “war” songs by EDWIN STARR and the DILS.

Right to Be Wild 7″

The proceeds from the sale of this 45 are going into the Vancouver Five’s defense fund, so that’s enough reason to buy it. Still, it’s a mixed bag musically. “Burn It Down” is a slow, boring rock song that I prefer to ignore, but their version of the SUBHUMANS’ “Fuck You” (written by Hannah, one of the Five) has spunk and power, which makes this a worthwhile audio investment.