Eat You Alive


Carlos Dunga vs. Eat You Alive split EP

Absolute ripper in the form of an Italian fastcore split. CARLOS DUNGA inserts weird chuggas, unnecessary but awesome solos (and they open with a straight classic rock guitar solo intro that had me scratching my head before the ’core started) but basically deliver face-melting fastcore of the highest order. EAT YOU ALIVE are more metallic and “pro,” they look more to MUNICIPAL WASTE than to ___, but ultimately both bands just want to rage. And so they both rage. Also, I think this came out a number of years ago…

  • Reviewer Robert Collins
  • Label Autoproduzioni Rurali / Beggar God / Big Sprites / Dickhead / Flipped Up / Gang Green / Ghost Factory / Here And Now / L'é Tütt Folklor / Obdura Distro / Polluted Ideas / Sonos AFDA / Stay