Hüsker Dü


Everything Falls Apart 12"

This is it! The HÜSKERS have finally come up with a great studio album, and if it doesn’t put them right up there with the top bands, then everyone’s lost their hearing listening to too much FLIPPER. The LP has got the power of their live performances, combined with a clean, crisp recording quality. Even if they can’t play Risk too well, they sure can play music.

In a Free Land EP

This band is one of the hottest, most awesome bands to ever walk onto a stage. They are not to be missed. Their first single was weak, and their LP was hard to make out, but this new single comes closest to capturing their raw, grating, high-speed velocity. Great!

Metal Circus 12″

Damn, those HÜSKERS sure can play! Their new EP elevates the musical brilliance of their last album to dizzying new heights. Not only are these songs loud, powerful, and creative, but Bob manages to produce the most extraordinary guitar sound—it actually shimmers. Buy this and keep yourself entertained for months.