Indirekt Op Oorlogspad LP

“On the Warpath” is the title translated (as are all the lyrics on a poster insert), and an accurate one it is—raging from beginning to end. Stylistically, they cover a lot of bases from straight thrash, metal thrash, country thrash, punk…all done really well. Lots of power, great lyrics, female shouter are characteristics here, so I have no problem recommending it.

Indirekt Nieuws Voor Doven En Slechthorenden EP

A newer Dutch hardcore band. Their thrashers are distinguished by strong instrumentals, hook-filled choruses with alternating female/male vocals, gutsy female lead singing (like Julie from SIN 34), and progressive political themes; they also do slower punkers (“Hart…” and “Candlelight”) of which only the former has teeth. Though not as frenetic as I expected after Tim’s remarks about the INDIREKT material on the Bijna 2000 Jaar Geleden compilation (in MRR #12), this EP has a couple of mini-classics (like “Shell Helpt”).