Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters


Hammered LP

Mr. Briggs and his HEATERS specialize in a familiar blend of lager-drenched Antipodean rock’n’roll in the lineage of the SAINTS. Nine lamentations of dead-end desperation and the search for temporary release set to wave after wave of layered, chiming guitar, punctuated by semi-buried keyboard and horns. I bet their raw, muscular riffage goes down real well in the sweaty function room of a suburban bowls club.

It All Comes Down LP

This is heavy. The intro track made me think of SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND. Not surprisingly, they are from Australia. This is pure rock’n’roll. Apparently, they get glommed into the swamp rock / SCIENTISTS scene, but there are enough nods to BIRDMAN and the SAINTS (hello horn section) here, that seems like selling ’em short. Great record, hope they come to the USA! Guess I need to track down their first album now…