Johnny Thunders


Johnny Thunders Que Sera, Sera LP

Whereas I just had written JOHNNY THUNDERS off as poopoo on toast last issue, I’m now glad to report that he’s now just plain poopoo. Lots of songs about all the girls throwing themselves on the boy, done in his traditional R’n’R style. Would’ve been happy, though, if he at least rocked out, but most tracks are fairly tame, with very clean playing. Miss that nasty guitar. OK at best.

Johnny Thunders / Patti Palladin Crawfish 12″

The first original-sounding thing from JOHNNY THUNDERS in ages, with singing back-up by ex-SNATCH Patti and instrumental help from ex-HEARTBREAKERS Jerry Nolan and Billy Rath. Sounds promising? Nope, you get a countryish slick R’n’B tune, and two versions of the title tune, a sultry bluesy number that’s pretty unmoving. Oh, well, you can’t put your arm around a memory.