Kambrones C’est Toujours ça de Gagné LP

Decent successor to their earlier recordings. Over half of the songs have that enjoyable, melodic ’77-punk sound with heavy guitars, though there are others, including post-punky and pseudo-rockabillyish material, that make one worry about their future direction. But the LP has some killer cuts, like “Marie-Janee” and the title track.

Kambrones Dédié à La P4 Army EP

LES KAMBRONES, named after the first French public figure known to have uttered the term “merde” (“shit”), have a chunky mid-tempo sound and the type of tuneful hooks that seem to be a characteristic of many French punk groups. But they’re more consistently fetching than the bulk of their peers, and all three of these songs will be running through your head after only a couple of listens.