Mau Maus


No Concern EP

Speed alone would make the MAU MAUS’ second EP noticeable among this month’s UK releases. Both tracks on the B-side are firmly in the DISCHARGE/GBH tradition, but the title cut is almost ruined by an atrocious heavy metal intro. Basic thrash—nothing more, nothing less.

Society’s Rejects EP

Eight songs that combine Oi choruses and DISCHARGE-like lead vocals and guitars with a really fast-paced tempo. Songs are short and sweet. Good first effort. Not to be confused with LA’s infamous MAU MAUS.

Facts of War EP

The MAU MAUS provide a strong argument in favor of the benefits of speed in modern punk music. They have fairly typical chord progressions, generic themes, and a rather annoying vocalist, but somehow the frenzied tempo compensates by keeping your arms and legs flailing about. “Facts of War” is a killer track.