What Makes a Man Start Fires? 12"

Do I really have to describe them after they’ve put out so much vinyl? No radical departures here, as their whole style is a continuing radical departure. You’ll know if you like them by now—I sure do.

Bean Spill EP

Another great from this L.A. band. Back with five brand new tracks, the MINUTEMEN’S blend of jazz, punk and junk just can’t be beat. Best cut is “If Reagan Played Disco.” (You can’t disco in jackboots.)

Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat 12″

As most of our readers already know, the MINUTEMEN have a very innovative sound that combines funk, jazziness, and disjointed semi-thrash. On this new EP, they add some atmospheric psychedelic guitar and other forms of weirdness. I like some of it a lot, especially “Cut,” but most of it is too experimental for my tastes.