One Way System


All Systems Go LP

This album contains at least one track from each of their three previous 7″s. ONE WAY SYSTEM focus on the more traditional punk styles, which they handle well, but they also play a few thrashers. A pretty good record, though not exceptional.

Jerusalem / Jackie Was a Junkie 7"

The best release yet by this Oi group. Both sides are faster than their norm, and the record is well-produced with a really full sound. This is British punk at close to its best.

Give Us a Future / Just Another Hero 7"

After their first dismal 45, I’m amazed to report that ONE WAY SYSTEM’s new release features great Oi music. The excellent production highlights their soccer-chanting and twin-guitar-powered songs, one fast (“Future”), and the other slower. A good buy.

Cum On Feel the Noise / Breakin’ In 7″

I hate to admit it, but the SLADE cover song on the A-side is a surprisingly effective merger of punk and metal-glitter styles, with its wall-of-noise guitar and catchy background vocals. The B-side is an excellent fast Britpunk number which already appeared on the ONE WAY SYSTEM album. Much better than anticipated.