Public Disturbance


Public Disturbance S&M EP

P. DISTURBANCE’s second release has a primitive sound and a weird trebly mix that emphasizes the vocals. At first, the songs seem sort of cluttered and disjointed, but after a couple of listens, they begin to coagulate in your cranium (except for the spastic “Do the Guilty”). The title track is the hottest from a musical standpoint.

Public Disturbance Public Disturbance LP

Another new Mutha record. PUBLIC DISTURBANCE has a somewhat incoherent stop/go semi-thrash style. The faster songs often sound thin and occasionally degenerate into mediocrity, but the band’s slower material (“Caged”, “Intro”, and “Russel’s Ramp”) sticks in your head. Overall, though, this release seems a bit premature; these guys need to develop more.