Ratos De Porão


Ratos De Porão Descanse em Paz LP

I’m always suspicious of records that only have song titles of three or less words. All the “tunes” here (except the title song) have just two words, and the music is equally imaginative. For the speed metal genre, it is pretty well done, but ultimately dulls the senses.

Ratos De Porão Crucificados Pelo Sistema LP

An intense album chock full of Brazilian hardcore. Most of RATOS DE PORÃO’s songs are adrenalin thrashers in the Finnish style, though some are ultra-fast (like “Caos” and “Que Vergonha”), and some have blistering leads (like “Sistema de Protesto” and the title cut), and others are slower ditties with more melodies or sing-along qualities (like “Não me Importo” and “Asas da Vingansa”). The bass-heavy production tends to muffle the piercing guitar tone, but raging blitzes like “Poluicão Atomica” and “Periferia” will shake your cranium.