Uskonto On Vaara 12"

RATTUS combustion, startling adrenaline speed and hammerhead blows of power. Featuring the new high-velocity rasping vocals of Annikki, RATTUS virtually sweep forth with sharp-edged earloads of riveting force and disorderly rapidity. Brilliant Finnish hardcore, unhesitant and explosive assaults of raw nitro energy.

WC Räjähtää LP

I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but this is another great Finnish thrash record. RATTUS are as fast and powerful as anybody, but not quite as chaotic or extreme in the vocals as some newer bands. There’s more musical control in evidence here, probably due to a longer period of musical apprenticeship. Still, it’s hard to find a more intense song than “Miesten Koulu,” so don’t overlook this Pus-covered baby.

Rajoitettu Ydinsota EP

The newest release from these scene veterans, and they’re getting faster and more intense each time around. Given the youthful competition, it’s not surprising that this EP showcases heavy thrash stuff, and it’s well worth your attention. Watch for an LP soon.