Ruts Cold Distant Lights (Why Not Vote Socialist) LP

This limited edition bootleg (200 copies) showcases the live performing talents of this early English punk band through a variety of vintage performances. The sound quality ranges from poor to pretty good, but only about one-third of this album captures the excitement of this band. I suppose one’s desire to find this disc depends on how much of a RUTS fan you really are…

Ruts Stepping Bondage EP

The earliest studio recordings by the late Malcolm Owens’s RUTS, made way back in ’77. And hot damn, the title track is a totally classic chunky punk rock song that ranks right up there with “Babylon’s Burning.” It’s a marvelous cut that isn’t equalled by the two songs on the B-side. The latter suffer from vastly inferior production, but are also poorer compositions. A must for fans of original UK punk music.