Slam Tragedies! 7″

This Swedish combo fails to enliven their mid-tempo punk format on their latest single. “Tragedy” is an uneventful ditty with lackluster hooks, and the flip sadly rates only as a mishmash of bad production and songwriting. SLAM has done much better than this.

Slam Welcome Home EP

A live EP of SLAM cranking out those strong rhythms with effective arrangements and variations. The vocals are extremely raw with a definite deep edge, as the band hits some fast chords, but sticks close to some creative licks. The live mix is not bad, and the energy is very high. A Swedish band with their own distinct style, and good at it.

Slam Ingens Slav LP

SLAM’s first album is a self-produced release limited to 500 copies, with silk-screened covers made by the band. The music has a forceful presence that captivates as it catapults out impressive rhythms. Twin guitars electrify and head-bopping drum splashes keep a pace that puts the control of the ensemble in high-velocity zest-appeal. Not a thrash record, but a musical bonanza of headlong excitement.