Terveet Kädet


Terveet Kädet LP

Believe it or not, TK has done it again. Although side two drags a bit (in relative terms), and the vocal and guitar mix isn’t quite as piercing as it was on their peerless Ääretön Joulu EP, this album is exhilarating in its intensity. The distinctive combination of paint-stripping vocals, flailing guitars, and tightly structured blasts of concentrated power lift TK into a realm occupied by a few awesome musical entities like INDIGESTI and DIE KREUZEN. As M. Bowles would say, this is “shredsational,” so buy the fucker immediately.

Kädet Suojelee EP

A reissue of the first two TK EPs (reviewed in MRR #3). If you missed them the first time around, here’s your big chance. An amazingly raw sensory assault.

Rock Laahausta Vaataan EP

A raw one-sided thrash record with vocals that sound like they’re coming out of a covered garage can. In other words an extremely nasty debut with loads of promise.

Mull On Liian Lyhyt Sänky EP

More of the same great sound. The material here is very much like early DISCHARGE, only more garagey. I defy anyone to try and surpass T.KÄDET’S primitive guitar leads. Highly recommended.

Ääretön Joulu EP

With this release, T.KÄDET come of age and prove they’re among the world’s best hardcore bands. This well-produced record has everything—ultra tight thrash power, join in choruses, and lead vocals so demented they make the MEAT PUPPETS sound like the BEE GEES. The hottest punk EP released thus far this year, really.