The Chesterfield Kings


Here Are The Chesterfield Kings LP

I’m not sure at what point brilliant evocation becomes slavish imitation, and I don’t think the CHESTERFIELD KINGS have figured it out, either. Ultimately, such semantic or philosophical questions are begged by one’s emotional responses, and this album connects with me because of its authentic ’60s punk feel, even down to the production. My one complaint is that these tracks are all covers. Even though some of them are better than the originals—“Outside Chance” leaps immediately to mind—I wish they’d apply that ultra-belligerent ’60s style to new compositions. Eminently cool.

Hey Little Bird / I Can Only Give You Everything 7"

Greg Prevost and company again comes through with great ’60s punk from the ’80s. The “monaural” sound and snot-nosed vocals give this 45 an amazingly authentic feel, so much so that I’m actually reminiscing. But you don’t have to have been a teenage asshole in 1966 to enjoy it today—it’ll still drive your neighbors crazy.