The Cool Greenhouse


Landlords / 4Chan

Tetchy bedroom Casio sound with terse vocals fans of the TRONICS or early HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT might want to know more! A percentage of profits goes to the London Renters Union! Entertaining, amusing, radical, what more could you want in the end times?

Crap Cardboard Pet 10"

Expert antagonism courtesy of this standout UK act. Prior compact offerings were fine/dandy, but the patient stretching of the material here (no song shorter than five minutes, one approaching ten) really showcase the motivations of these CGs: repetition in the spirit of The FALL, with the same sort of roundabout accusatory bitterness to boot. The COOL GREENHOUSE move beyond purely referential tribute though, taking these cues further than comfort permits, especially via the synthetic hypnosis of “Crap Art,” which is maybe the most brilliant tune of this year. Limited to a scant 200 copies, all of which include an actual crap cardboard pet. A must-have release from every angle—highest recommendation.