The Damned


The Damned Idiot Box / You Know 7″

“This one is for TOM VERLAINE… We hate him!” Geddit…? “Idiot Box”…? Never mind, what we have here are a couple of mid-period DAMNED live tracks that have fairly good production and performance. On the flip, they announce their musical progression, due to the fact that they use more than three chords. Great sleeve.

The Damned Phantasmagoria LP

A beautiful cover photograph greets your eyes to this slice of horror harmony in gothic punk. Smooth melodic, with that big audience appeal yet still holding those eerie dealings of the DAMNED. The raw craziness might be gone, but what exists taunts you with robust rhythms. Surprising how a band that could do “Neat Neat Neat” does a spaghetti western-type ballad in “Shadow of Love.” Again, this isn’t punk—or is it?

The Damned Thanks for the Night / Nasty 7″

Hey, I like the DAMNED as much as the next person, however, their latest single is no great shakes. It seems as if the DAMNED, of all bands, are in some sort of musical rut. Both songs seem to be out-takes from the Strawberries sessions. In fact, “Thanks for the Night” strikes more than a striking resemblance to “Ignite,” the opening track on that LP. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to their upcoming album.

The Damned Generals EP

If you’re put off by the glaring deficiencies of the latest DAMNED album (Strawberries), this 7″ might be closer to your liking. The two B-sides are unsatisfying, but “Generals” could be the best pop song this band has delivered in a couple of years; a good emphasis on piano and guitar, along with politically credible lyrics, combine to create an arresting, well conceived track.

The Damned Dozen Girls EP

More snappy pop-punk from the DAMNED, complete with organ, synthesized marimbas, and music-hall singing. This may be a far cry from “Neat Neat Neat,” but it’s got an undeniable charm of its own. There are even—dare I say it?—some tasteful guitar licks amid the overall silliness.