The Enemy


Punk’s Alive / Twist and Turn 7"

The basic riff is familiar, but “Punk’s Alive” remains a pleasing enough cut, with sentiments to warm the heart of any hardcore aficionado. Even though the B-side doesn’t meet the standard, an abrasive guitar mix and orange wax make it all quite worthwhile. Recommended.

Gateway to Hell LP

Mostly all mid-tempo punk (save two thrashers), this album contains several tracks off their 7″ers, and some new material. None of it immediately grabs me, perhaps because of the accent on production, leaving a sterile-sounding product devoid of real commitment and excitement.

Last Rites / Why Not 7″

Despite the silly cover, this is probably the best ENEMY release to date, mainly due to the excellent B-side. “Why Not” is a double-time blast with a distorted guitar backing that leaves the A-side spinning its wheels in the dust.