The Exploited


Computers Don’t Blunder / Addiction 7"

A lot’s been said about this band being a bunch of moronic yahoos, much of it probably justified, but on this record there’s evidence to the contrary. “Computers Don’t Blunder” is a great anti-militarist song about the possibility of technology-induced holocaust. The B-side is as strong an anti-drug song as you’ll find. The music is fast and powerful.

Attack / Alternative 7"

The new release by the UK version of the PLASMATICS may contain the best song they’ve ever written (“Alternative”), with its snappy hook-laden chorus, raw power, and—perhaps strangest of all—intelligent lyrics. Unfortunately, the flip exemplifies their usual mediocre standards.

Troops of Tomorrow LP

Lots of really fast HC stuff here, but you can’t tell what they’re singing about—no lyrics sheet. But maybe it’s better this way. I’m afraid to know what these “geniuses” are saying. Cover says it all.