The Skeptix


So the Youth LP

I’m surprised to see this mostly British band on a German label, but it’s great to have an album from them. This is strongly delivered thrash with perceptive lyrics and powerful production. Recommended without reservations.

Routine Machine / Curfew 7"

Totally great, both sides. Truly energetic, exciting thrash with cool guitar punctuation. It’s nice to see this kind of attack spreading in England.

Peace Force EP

Well, the SKEPTIX seem to have found a label in their own country, and this new release again displays their tasty thrash attack. “Born to Lose” is slow and metallic, but the others zip forward and feature some nice lead fills. Their level of sincerity remains impossible to discern, but I have my doubts.

The Kids Are United EP

England’s SKEPTIX and one of Germany’s premier thrashers share this four-track EP. While SKEPTIX’s “Got No Choice” boasts a scorching delivery and good, trebly production, OHL’s “Spionage” ranks as the best song on the record, with its catchy guitar progressions and clever stop-and-go arrangements. The mid-to-fast-tempo hardcore on this release earns a strong recommendation.