Trotskids Mise À S.A.C. / Mangeuse D’Hommes 7″

Best effort yet from these inspired French punkers. Both sides of this single exploit powerhouse guitar and vocals with absolutely irresistible riffs and melodies. Total ace!

Trotskids A Mort! A Fond!! LP

Most of the tunes here rip right along at a rapid clip, combining good tunes, that classic French chorus singing, and hot production. There are a few change-of-pace tunes which are decent though they tend to be longish. BLITZ influence, but uniquely French. Watch for more hot records on this label.

Trotskids Je Sens Mauvais 12″

The TROTSKIDS play quite a bit faster than most of the new French skunk bands. They have the same heavy sound and irresistible soccer chants, but the accelerated tempo adds a lot more punch and appeal, at least for me. Great stuff that I strongly recommend.