Vicious Circle


Vicious Circle / Perdition split LP

A domestic release of two Australian powerhouse HC hands. Half of the VICIOUS CIRCLE material appeared on their Aussie 7”, while two of PERDITION’s eight tracks showed up on their 7”. Well worth picking up, this LP can only help further interest and ties between these two continents, and you’ll get some fine sides for your money, as well.

Vicious Circle The Price of Progress LP

Owing more to UK thrash than the US variety, this band rocks with the best of their ilk (DISCHARGE-spawned), coming forth with a whole host of powerful hardcore tunes. Includes a hot cover of TERVEET KÄDET’s “Outo Maa.” Excellent.

Vicious Circle Search for the Solution EP

Ramcharging cranks of aggressive power from Australia, sounding a lot like DEPRESSION or PORNO PATROL or STRETCH MARKS. Beefy vocals with active musical compositions, fast- to medium-paced, with a live studio-sounding recording. This band will soon tour the US, so watch out for this burst of energy.