Life on the Red Line / Crossings of Sangsara 7"

Oh no, the VIOLATORS have followed BLITZ down the path toward JOY DIVISION-clone material, with some imitation SIOUXIE vocals thrown in for good measure. I love the ’60s melodies on the A-side, but it’s sad to see all these recent punk bands adopting a slick, gutless sound. I vastly prefer their last 45.

Summer of ’81 / Live Fast Die Young 7"

This single seems more ordinary in comparison with their debut single and their work on the A Country Fit for Heroes compilation LP. In addition, the VIOLATORS’ compulsion with violence makes this release disturbing. “Summer of ’81” remains the poppier of the tracks here, though some might find favor with the sheer velocity of the flip. Better than most of the Oi currently available.

Gangland / The Fugitive 7"

Whether you call this slow punk or fast post-punk, it’s got a certain flare. The buzzing guitars in “Fugitive” are attention-getting, and the melody line sticks in your head. Give it a listen.