Arid Dreams Duanwad Pimwana | Translated from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul

Immediately I was hooked on the first story.  There was no indication of the author’s physical appearance, and I was left wondering page after page, is the writer man or woman?  Eastern or western? I like to imagine stories as I read them, forming visual pictures in my mind. By the end, the reader will find out, and this humanizes the characters.

I visited Thailand in 2018 and have a trip planned for 2020, and this is because I really love Thai food.  This is why I read this book. However, a lot of the stories felt unfinished, as if each one is just one entry from someone’s diary.  Many are sad.

Only one story had a surprise ending and I will not ruin it for the reader.  In my opinion, only the two stories mentioned here were interesting out of the thirteen total