Back in stock! 25th anniversary reissue of the Welcome to 1984 compilation LP


Maximum Rocknroll is proud to reissue of the seminal Welcome to 1984 compilation LP. Welcome to 1984 was one of the very first — and perhaps best — compilations to document the first wave of international hardcore. This LP features legendary bands from all over the globe including Terveet Kädet (Finland), BGK (Netherlands), The Stalin (Japan), Olho Seco (Brazil), Raw Power (Italy), Rattus (Finland), RIP (Spain), and many more. 23 bands in all, from 17 different countries!

“… this LP covers the scene more as it ‘should be’ — more political with a spirit of independence and resistance in every cut.” —Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

Check out Felix Havoc’s write-up about it HERE.

Welcome to 1984 was out of print on vinyl for more than 20 years. MRR is very excited to unleash it on the world once again.

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It’s been a while since we had any new buttons, so we’re excited to present to you our new Maximum Rocknroll button 4-pack, featuring three new designs and one oldie from way back in the ’00s! These are the classic 1″ size badge — the punkest size of all… Big thanks to Ian Clark and the dudes from Destino Final for the artwork!


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MRR and Alternative Tentacles present: Not So Quiet on the Western Front reissue!


Originally released by Maximum Rocknroll, on Alternative Tentacles in 1982, our legendary Northern California/Nevada compilation album Not So Quiet on the Western Front has been reissued on vinyl… again! This double LP contains all the original artwork (with the exemption of the liner notes added by ex-MRR shitworker Jeff Bale in 1999), along with a free download code and an added insert/update from the current MRR staff. Best of all, it also includes a reprint of the original newsprint insert — the very first “issue” of Maximum Rocknroll magazine — which includes lyrics and some classic artwork from all of the bands!

Includes tracks from Intensified Chaos, Social Unrest, Naked Lady Wrestlers, M.A.D., Killjoy, Fang, Capitol Punishment, Ribsy, Crucifix, Square Cools, Los Olvidados, Code of Honor, 7 Seconds, Unaware , Frigidettes, 5th Column, Ghost Dance, Dead Kennedys, Rebel Truth, Pariah, Lennonburger, (Impatient) Youth, Bad Posture, Demented Youth, MDC, Karnage, Domino Theory, NBJ, Whipping Boy, Angst, Free Beer, Flipper, Vengeance, Juvinel Justice, Section 8, Tongue Avulsion, Maniax, Vicious Circle, UXB, Scapegoats, Church Police, Deadly Reign, No Alternative, Wrecks, Urban Assault, Bent Nails, and M.I.A.

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MRR Presents: Sound the Alarms!! International compilation

UPDATE: The vinyl version of this album is now sold out, but we’re offering a complete download of this comp our new Bandcamp page. The download includes 32 high-quality MP3s, front and back cover art and a 36-page PDF booklet with artwork from each band, liner notes and bonus photo page!


Almost 30 years after releasing Welcome to 1984, Maximum Rocknroll is proud to present a new international punk compilation, Sound the Alarms!!

Gathering 32 bands from 14 countries, this comp captures the current sounds of punk from around the world, with MÜLLTÜTE, SILLA ELÉCTRICA, SYNTHETIC ID, TOTAL WAR, NO STATIK, DICTADURA, PERMANENT RUIN, VIVISEKTIO, GIFFORDS TREATMENT, QUESTION, THE FIGHT, LOTUS FUCKER, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, ANTI YOU, VERRUGAS, ORDEN MUNDIAL, KUUDES SILMÄ, NUCLEAR SPRING, GUTTER, ENTRE REJAS, ESTAMPIDO, SIETOKYKY, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK, I.R.A., ΠΑΝΔΗMIΑ (PANDEMIA), DHK, KVOTERINGEN, KONTATTO, LEI DO CÃO, CÜLO, MAAILMANLOPPU, and OBEDIENCIA. And of course it comes with a newsprint, magazine-sized insert with a page from each band, including pictures, lyrics, graphics and more!

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