Maximum Rocknroll #367 • Dec 2013

30 10 2013

mrr_367_cvrAnother year is done, so let’s tell 2013 to fuck off with a new issue! MRR #367 is out now! Pennsylvania’s BAD AMERICAN has a lot going on and they are stoked to share the experience of their recent Midwest tour and new album in the works. Garage punkers CONCRETE WORMS talk about what it’s like to be a long-running band in the Serbian punk scene, and Minneapolis’ WAR//PLAUGE tells us how they keep it DIY and keep it punk! Olympia, Washington’s GAG gets wild with us on the start of their US tour—poppers! Realtree Camo! Fog! UK Anarcho punk band THE MOB reminisce about the ’80s anarcho punk scene and talk about their new single, “Rise Up!” and London’s GOOD THROB smash misconceptions about their sound and the ladies in the band discuss how they are received in the punk community. GENERACION SUICIDA from South Central (not East) L.A. get ready for their upcoming European tour, and we get a taste of brutal hardcore attack from East Coasters FORCE-FED DRUGS, who buck the trends and make music that means something to them. We corner New York’s CREEM on their European tour and discuss the culturalization of punk, D-beat raw punx LIFE CHAIN invite us to come visit Halifax, Nova Scotia, and we take a trip to Hungary with a Budapest scene report. Also in this issue, a posthumous interview of post-punk band SAFEWORDS from Minneapolis, TOTAL TRASH talks about keeping punk cute while still having a biting edge, and last but not least, you get a taste of our upcoming queer punk issue with DIY filmmaker Julia Ostertag! All this plus columns, news and the most extensive punk review section in print!

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October 30th, 2013 by MRR

Maximum Rocknroll #366 • Nov 2013

2 10 2013

mrr_366_cvrHot off the presses, MRR brings you its November 2013 issue — #366! In this issue of Maximum Rocknroll cover artist Halsey Swain lets us into her world of nature-inspired obliteration, we dis-cover the “New Wave of Grave New Beat” pioneered by Scotland’s THISCLOSE, and NOLA booking collective No More Fiction tells us about booking queer-centered shows in their town and organizing their rendition of the Not Enough Fest. We catch up with Chad, the lead singer of Pacific Northwest hardcore fuckers NUDES, L.A. punkeristas DESTRUYE Y HUYE give us insight on the LA scene and talk about their upcoming tour (maybe they will come to your town?), we talk with Vertical House Records about their label, store and show space in Huntsville, Alabama, and noize punkers CHAOS DESTROY share the secret behind their twenty releases (glue? speed? or do they just naturally shred?). International anarcho post-punk band ROSA APATRIDA talks to us about their experience as a political band in the NYC punk scene, Finnish rockers RÄJÄYTTÄJÄT are back from tour and dish us the details, Canadian thrashers TARANTUJA give us an update after their European tour, and the Bay Area’s own hardcore crashers PERMANENT RUIN talk West Coast tour advice, San Jose, and the secret to a bullshit-free lifestyle. We also take a photo tour across the US and Canada with Claudia Cebrian as she hits up all the summer fests and meets all the punx! All this and much more, including guest columns, “What’s the Scoop,” “New Blood,” demo and zine reviews, plus the most extensive record reviews in printed punk today to satisfy your hunger!

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October 2nd, 2013 by MRR

Maximum Rocknroll #365 • Oct 2013

3 09 2013


In MRR #365, October 2013, we talk to booming crust band ZUDAS KRUST from Jakarta about their local scene and the what it’s like to be a punk in Indonesia, hardcore crusties KONTRASEKT from Minneapolis discuss their new 7″ and why the Midwest rocks,  we talk about the importance of punk networking with the brain behind Doomed Society Radio from Calgary, and we get the scoop from Portland’s psych garage rockers BIG BLACK CLOUD. Then we take a wild trip up and down the West Coast with a CONDITION tour diary, we talk with Todd Greene of Clearview Records about the label’s roster (which included DROPDEAD, DAG NASTY, JAWBREAKER and SCREECHING WEASEL, to name a few), no-frills HC ragers HERO DISHONEST from Finland share impressions from their recent US tour, and HELVETIN VIEMÄRIT from Brazil analyze why they love Finnish hardcore so damn much! Next, VIOLENT PARTY discusses their new record and relocation to Portland, we get introduced to budding Stockton PV/fastcore band MALCOLM, we have have an impressive Brno, Czech Republic scene report, a photo spread from Finland’s Puntala-Rock fest, and a killer Halloween cover by Ruben Dahlstrand made specially for your visual indulgence. All this and much more, including guest columns, Shitworker of the Month, What’s the Scoop, demo and zine reviews and, of course, the most extensive record review section in printed punk today!

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September 3rd, 2013 by MRR

Maximum Rocknroll #364 • Sept 2013

30 07 2013


Issue #364 of MRR is out and ready for you to get your grubby hands on! This month, in the September 2013 issue you will find: ASILE talking about their introduction to punk, their new album and all things French-Canadian; Indonesia’s oldest Celtic punk band FORGOTTEN GENERATION chatting with us about Indonesian punk and their hopes of uniting punk soccer hooligans in their country; LAST CHAOS describing punk tour-relations between Australia and Southeast Asia, and inviting us all to party with them; and we talk with Sweden-based NE! Records about its latest releases and the early days of punk in the ex-Yugoslavian region. Philly dark hardcore bands POPULATION ZERO and NIGHTFALL make it easy for MRR by interviewing each other and discussing their local scene, and hardcore band RAD talks about their influences, day jobs and what makes Sacramento so…rad! SNOB VALUE from Germany discusses the European political climate and how it affects their music; Oakland’s dark punks THE NEW FLESH have an extensive chat about philosophy, their new record and the relationship between the internet and DIY music; and Seattle’s TRASHIES deliver what may be the weirdest interview we’ve ever printed, and discuss worms, snakes and primary gunk. we’re introduced to the bizarre punk universe of the WHATEVER BRAINS from Raleigh, NC, and last but not least, a Texas Filth scene report sheds light on everything lewd, queer and punk from the Lone Star State! Plus, as always, a photo spread, guest columns, New Blood, Shitworker of the Month, all the zine, demo, movie and book reviews you could cram into your brain, and the most extensive punk record-review section in print today!

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July 30th, 2013 by MRR

Maximum Rocknroll #363 • August 2013

7 07 2013


Another illustrious issue of Maximum Rocknroll hits the streets! In MRR #363, the August 2013 issue, we have tons of great interviews including SUDOR from Toledo, Spain, discussing their recent US tour and punk in their corner of the world. The epic TERVEET KÄDET from Finland gives us the details on the band’s evolution and recent activity, and the ladies from LAS OTRAS discuss punk politics and their local Barcelona scene. We talk with the folks at Toinen Vaihtoehto, one of the longest running punk zines in the world, about the inner workings and history of their classic Finnish publication, and Japan’s BLACK AND WHITE gives us a quick interview about their recent activities. We’ve got Bay Area punk noise merchants STILLSUIT, Bay Area weirdo/freak/queer/punk zine Baitline!!!, punk veteran and unsung hero Taquila Mockingbird delivering some insight and history of early L.A. punk, and Punk magazine’s John Holmstrom talks about the late punk artist Arturo Vega and his history with the most famous punk band in the world. RUINED FAMILIES from Athens, Greece talk about their punk scene and the state of their surroundings; Bi-coastal assault R.O.T.T.E.R. discusses their sounds, scenes and inspiration; San Jose, CA’s NO MISTAKE talks about their brand of USHC;  and four-piece Vancouver punk outfit SIREN SONGS discusses all things Canadian punk. To top it all off we have a Yorba Linda, CA scene report, guest columns from Luke Haas of Tian An Men 89 Records and Christina from Australia’s Stitches in My Head zine, photo spreads from Steven Rudd at Chaos in Tejas and Ian Absurdo from ABSURDO’s US tour, all the zine, demo, books reviews you want and the most extensive punk review section of all time!

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July 7th, 2013 by MRR