New Band Spotlight: Munchausen

7 03 2012

Here’s a review by Kevin Manion of the MUNCHAUSEN 5-song demo tape, taken from the brand new issue of MRR!

Lo-fi scum punk from Philly featuring a member of PAINT IT BLACK (which I never would have guessed). As far as their sound goes, think of FRESH MEAT or maybe LEATHER (but much more raw). The first couple of tracks are really good punk ‘n’ roll, and by that I don’t mean to imply that they sound like they should be on In The Red, cause this is definitely a step above most of the drivel that label puts out. It’s dirty, beer-soaked, memorable stuff. Conversely, the last few tracks are much darker and dirgier and almost CONDOMINIUM-esque. MUNCHAUSEN is certainly more of a basement band than a bar band; their songs have hooks, but are also little more than filthy reverberations at times. Either way, I’m into it. (

Here’s a track that’s not on their web page — one of the “dirgier” ones…

MUNCHAUSEN – “Don’t Stop Dry Heaving”


March 7th, 2012 by MRR

New Band Spotlight: Hunted Down

27 12 2011

Here’s the demo review for Syracuse, NY’s HUNTED DOWN from the current issue of MRR!

After a quick classical piece, this thing tears into some seriously fucking blazing, falling apart, wild, rampaging, flailing, adjective-inspiring hardcore, that, to be honest, I didn’t expect and caught me completely off guard. I knew this Syracuse band was gonna be at least up my alley in some way, but holy fuck is this evil and furious. The vocals are screaming and reverbed to all fuck. The guitars and bass are buried in just enough fuzz to sound rotten yet not fall into the box of “noise punk.” And the drums, well, they’re kinda hidden in the whole mess, save some cymbal hits and theses occasional huge Godzilla-like thuds, that I can only assume to be tom hits. What a monster. It looks like I just found another cassette addition to my 2011 top ten list. (

December 27th, 2011 by Justin

New Band Spotlight: Cheap Freaks

22 06 2011

Kevin Manion‘s review of this band’s 4-song CD-R in this month’s MRR magazine.

I bet the Guinness flows like fucking water when CHEAP FREAKS deliver their superb fuzzed-out garage jams to unsuspecting bar patrons around Dublin. Second release from this Irish quartet and it’s definitely a winner. Four trashy rock ‘n’ roll stompers sure to make denim-clad punks bounce off the walls and spill stout everywhere. Top-notch production, a bit dirty without sacrificing intensity or stepping on the singer’s vocals. Sounds like they dig the MONKS just as much as the REATARDS. An LP is set to be released, and if it’s anywhere near as good as this, CHEAP FREAKS will be huge in a couple months.

June 22nd, 2011 by MRR

New Band Spotlight: Stab

26 04 2011

Starting to play gigs around December last year, STAB is a new band coming out of the current London straight edge crowd, playing fast, raw,  blown out, politically aware hardcore, taking a heavy influence from UK hardcore heavyweights such as Ripcord and Heresy.  I was lucky enough to be visiting the UK when they played their second gig in a cramped practice room and unleashed a hectic and blinding set that blew me away.

They’ve just put out a killer 7-song demo tape that covers topics from the current rise of the right wing in Britain and beyond, and the use of drugs for social control and cultural imperialism. It hasn’t left my tape deck since getting my hands on it.  You can get a copy at the band’s blog which also has one of the demo songs for download, along with a practice room recording.  Apparently, a 7″ is in the works that I can’t wait to get hold of, as well as a Spanish tour — so if you live in Spain make sure to check it out!

(photo by Daniel Knott)

April 26th, 2011 by Kieran

New Band Spotlight: Autonomy

16 02 2011

Our friend Ray Suburbia, the bassist of AUTONOMY, was visiting the Bay Area this last week and handed me this CD-R demo. “I just made these shitty first-run demos at Office Max. Want one?” Am I glad that he handed over a stack because this is a great demo and a band to watch out for. These guys are from Carbondale, IL, an overlooked college town surrounded by corn fields at the tip of southern Illinois that has had a vibrant punk scene going on since the ’80s, with bands like DIET CHRIST and the DIY venue/punk house that is still going after all these years, the Lost Cross house. (See Ray’s Carbondale scene report in MRR #322, March 2010.). Along with the many other bands that have kept the scene going, one of the newest is AUTONOMY, which is best described as a dark, anarcho punk, like early JOY DIVISION with the original grit of WARSAW (sans electronics but all the atmosphere) meets a faster PROLETARIAT, with early Wax Trax Records-era vocals. Whew! These tracks are atmospheric and gloomy, but still raw and punk. There is less polish on these five tracks than some of the similar sounding stuff that has been developing as of late and some wonderfully atonal moments, all which lend these songs to a rawness that points to the origins of this band as deeply rooted in punk. If you like current bands like ICEAGE, RANK XEROX or BELLICOSE MINDS, this might be the next thing you will be singing along to. Great demo and a band to watch out for.

Check out their blog and listen to one of the demo tracks off at

Email them for more info: withouthatredwithoutfear {at} gmail(.)com

February 16th, 2011 by Mariam