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Maximum Rocknroll #382 • March 2015

Maximum Rocknroll #382, the March 2015 issue, features our annual Year-End Top Tens! MRR reviewers, ...

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Randy and Mark at Mike "Bay Bay" Scibetta benefit in Richmond, VA (photo by Amelia)

Create to Destroy! Beach Impediment

Mark from Beach Impediment is holding it down in Virginia Beach, VA, with his distro ...

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Record of the Week: CRIME DESIRE Your Power LP

Over the past ten years or so, these San Diego punks have built up quite ...

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Mystic Inane at the Spitfire, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2014. (photo by Beau Patrick)

Monday Photo Blog: Three mo' from Beau Patrick Coulon!

Beau Patrick Coulon checks back in to the Monday Photo Blog with three more shots, one looking ...

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The average height of a dandelion is 5.3 inches

MRR Radio #1437 • 1/25/14

“That might be tall for a squirrel, but I wouldn’t say that, generally, it’s tall.” How ...

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Record of the Week: CRIME DESIRE Your Power LP

January 27th, 2015 by


Over the past ten years or so, these San Diego punks have built up quite a solid discography, but I can’t think of another recording of theirs that has had such an immediate and visceral impact. From the timeless opening mosh riff/“Yeeeaaaaaah” to the subtly tweaked recording to the raging solos and rock-solid rhythm section this is the work of a band that’s firing on all fucking cylinders. The snarled vocals and metallic touches betray quite a bit of SEPTIC DEATH influence (a comparison I don’t make lightly) but the backbone is rooted in the straightforward drive of ’80s East Coast hardcore à la SSD or ANTIDOTE. The churning title track starts out with a gloomy almost SAMHAIN vibe that stands out from the rest of the record while still fitting in beautifully, building into a chaotic wail that ends the album with a rush of energy. If CRIME DESIRE wasn’t on your radar before then they damn sure should be now. Great stuff!

Record of the Week: YOUNG CONSERVATIVES 12”

January 13th, 2015 by

YoungConservativesInteresting debut EP here from this band made up of 1990s UK punk/hardcore vets. YOUNG CONSERVATIVES comes out of the gate wearing their politics on their sleeves, but it’s not trite or clichéd political hardcore. These are the angry ruminations of disillusioned older punks. Like many of us, they find it hard to be optimistic about the political future despite the small positive gains that have been made. The backdrop to the disenchantment takes the form of six tracks of somewhat melodic, yet heavy, mid-paced hardcore. It’s an enjoyable maelstrom of LEATHERFACE, ROLLINS BAND, DAG NASTY, and FUCKED UP. The FUCKED UP comparison is most strongly felt in the vocal delivery, mainly because the vocals take the form of hoarsely shouted complicated political diatribes, rather than the more tuneful singing you get with the likes of DAG NASTY or even LEATHERFACE. Great stuff, I look forward to hearing more.
(Obscene Baby Auction)

Record of the Week: BOSTON STRANGLER Fire LP

January 6th, 2015 by


Right out of the gate, Fire just feels like a more mature BOSTON STRANGLER. The difference seems to be that where Primitive was more of a genre exercise or homage to their Boston hardcore forefathers — albeit the best example I have ever heard (and a perfect record) — Fire shows “the STRANGLAH ‘finding’ their own sound.” Still present are the noticeably-Boston steamrolling riffs, but more “punk” influence has stepped up its role, mostly in the form of bass hooks, vocal melodies and guitar leads, which are most obvious on tracks like “Forward into Hell” and “Broken Spirit” and in the outro of “Slow Burn.” I can’t tell you how many times a day those choruses or leads pop into my head. The difference is definitely subtle, because this is very obviously the same frustration-spitting cobra backed by a sonic wrecking crew armed with the power of a major metropolitan DPW crew laying down the best cold-weather hardcore on the planet, making you feel just as bad about yourself as you do about the trash around you, with just as much misplaced youthful anger as real world adult problems staring you in the face. In my eyes, Fire is BOSTON STRANGLER’s best effort and a more singular record. Fantastic.
(Fun With Smack)

Reissue of the Week: ALIANS Gavroche LP

January 2nd, 2015 by

Alians_GavrocheNamed after the street urchin child of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, Gavroche was a cassette-only LP originally released in 1994 by ALIANS (Alliance), a prolific Polish band from the early ’90s which blended the classic, upbeat mid-tempos of Polish hardcore punk with rhythmic doses of reggae and ska and additional folksy instrumentation on accordion, congas, flute and keyboards. A classic recording of this then-trendy style, the experimental and adaptive edge of both the musicianship here and Polish punk itself steers it away from the train wreck suggested on paper. Robotic staccato vocals dart between rushing 1-2 charges of straightforward hardcore before breaking into a passage of dub or the accordion player jumps into the fray. There’s something that always seems incredibly inauthentic and, uh, “highlander” when bands from the US try this kind of folksy avant-garde punk but it’s hard to find deep fault with a band from Poland, where punk seems to both be more flexible in its expression and a broader extension of deep roots in a long lineage of community. Reaching for instruments of the past doesn’t seem that out of line (there’s even a flute and dub riffing off of the CLASH’s “Guns of Brixton”). I don’t always find the additional instrumentation completely seamless—in fact, it is occasionally tentative and stumbling—but this record still remains a challenging and interesting listen 20 years after its initial release, and is recommended for the open-minded who’ve ticked off their APATIA, ARMIA, and POST REGIMENT boxes, as the chassis of this still rests on similar, solid, classic songwriting. Anthemic punk with lyrics entirely in Polish with no translation, the entire original cassette release is encompassed in this first-time-on-vinyl reissue, along with a few of the additional tracks from its ’90s and ’00s subsequent reissues on CD and extended cassette.
(Pasazer / THC / Underground Factory)

Record of the Week: DESTRUYE Y HUYE Oscura Sociedad EP

December 30th, 2014 by


I loved this band’s demo, so I was psyched to see this EP in the review pile. Hits somewhere between FERTIL MISERIA and the NURSE! Tough and vicious — the totally sick, blown-out guitars, commandeering vocals, and rumbling, threatening rhythm section all conspire to sound like they’re gonna fall apart, but really, they know exactly what they are doing and it’s a savage punk attack destined to mutate minds everywhere. DESTRUYE Y HUYE‘s lyrics are dark and reflect an alienated existence, a GREG SAGE meets ESKORBUTO reality. The music is crude and primitive; it all reflects the existential reality of modern life. Angee’s vocals are so raging and cool, so charismatic, they totally take it over the top. I hope these women tour the West Coast ASAP! The insert has a cool, almost poster quality to it, really iconic and classic punk looking.
(Verdugo Discos)