Record of the Week: DHK Extinciön EP …plus interview en español!

24 06 2014

¡En español! Una entrevista a DHK en la Maximum Rocknroll #355


Ah yes! One of the best bands to come out of Peru right now! After Odio los Discos and La Vida Es Un Mus, Hysteria Records carries the torch and releases yet another great slab of wax by these sonic-destructo punks! Raw, blown out, primal and heavy D-beat with Spanish stylings and lots of bellowing, distorted bass (I can almost hear the walls rumble!). Political lyrics and brash vocals command you to pay attention, with simple yet effective chunky riffs that fill out the racketing drums as they career and gallop around your head without cease. It’s funny how some bands try exceptionally hard to get this rough and gruff sound, and then others just ooze it naturally. I think it has more to do with the social and political circumstances that spawned DHK and their sound, and less to do with the actual style of music played, because there is something so genuine to be found here, it’s inspiring. “What future is we are waiting for?” There’s a level of meaning distilled, an ingrained authenticity and a connection to the grievances of life that other releases simply don’t have—or at least they’re not as legit as this. Stand out tracks are “Kasta Kuando” and “Por Ke Soy Punk” with a melancholic riff that makes my skin crawl. You could stick to your hyped, gimmick hardcore farce-bands, or you could listen to this and feel the force. Comes in an über-råpunk silk screened cover—highly recommended.
(Hysteria Records)

¡Bonus en español! Read the Spanish version of our 2012 interview with DHK from Maximum Rocknroll #355

Listen to “Por Ke Soy Punk” by DHK:

June 24th, 2014 by Lydiya

Record of the Week: Berlin Tristesse compilation EP

27 05 2014

BerlinTristesse_compRight out of the gate, this compilation of Berlin punk/hardcore bands kills. BITTER CROP plays a straightforward mid-tempo punk song that was over before I could finish typing that sentence. Their song is pissed and would be a perfect fit on any punk mixtape. MÜLLTÜTE blasts through their style of completely perfect, totally fucking pissed hardcore that it catchy as fuck. I love them. NUCLEAR CULT almost approaches grind speeds, but then settles into a slow stoner-style breakdown that ends before you can light up that first toke. EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT has a bit of a noisy Japanese hardcore/crust vibe. PEACEBASTARD plays straight up raging hardcore with a singer going so full throttle that they’re sure to have some throat problems later in life. PIG// CONTROL rages the shit out of some blazing “no fucking control” German hardcore. CRACK UNDER PRESSURE is blast-beat mania and reminds me a little bit of SPAZZ if they didn’t have a sense of humor. This comp is a perfect snapshot of the Berlin hardcore scene right now and flies by in a matter of minutes, which is wonderful for people like me who feel like hardcore should always be short, fast and loud as fuck.
(HeartFirst Records)

May 27th, 2014 by Greg

Record of the Week: OBEDIENCIA El Ángel Exterminador EP

22 05 2014

Obediencia_ElAngel_EPThere’s an urgency in the first chord and drum hit that just sucks me in immediately, similar to the way the OBSERVERS LP did. I never spent much time with OBEDIENCIA’s first EP, but I love their song on the Sound the Alarms!! comp, and the second track on this EP is just as strong — upbeat, danceable, with brilliant vocal hooks. The vocalist is what really carries this band; she’s so soulful and confident. That shit is cranked right up front, almost too loud, but it totally works. Don’t get me wrong, the instrumentation is great too, but the singing pushes this band to the top. My critique has to be the slight distortion on the vocals, which gives the whole thing a little garage quality. Not a bad thing, I just personally prefer more organic vocals, especially when the singer is this great. Add a little reverb instead of the distortion and let that vocal track soar! Just one guy’s opinion. Otherwise this EP is perfect, and the more I listen, the more I like!
(Solo Para Punks)

May 22nd, 2014 by Matt Badenhop

Record of the Week: ACCIDENTE Amistad y Rebelión 12″

13 05 2014


Socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. Wait, sorry, really amazing socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. If it wasn’t for the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me this band came up through the New Brunswick, NJ basement scene—or at least were from somewhere on the East Coast. Equal parts melodic hardcore and straight up pop-punk, with beautiful vocals by Blanca. All of this together sounds like something in between the earnest swagger and jangle of the MEASURE [SA] and WORRIERS and the infectious, angered energy of LA FRACTION—or maybe like the too short-lived Syracuse band NO CONNECTION. The liner notes have the lyrics in the original Spanish, along with English translations—always awesome. The lyrical content is especially great. While most anarcho punk bands are simply anti-this and anti-that, and most pop-punk bands are just, “I love my friends and partying,” ACCIDENTE splits those sentiments right down the middle. “Que motivos no son pocos amistad y rebelion (There are plenty of reasons to fight for friendship and rebellion).” If you like bands like RVIVR ’cause they’re injecting a little social thought and politics into the current pop-punk scene, you’ll love this. I just listened to this record five times in a row, and I’m only getting more and more into it.
(Blondes Must Die / Contrastzi / Distribuidora Soroii / Grita o Muere / Halo of Flies / In My Heart Empire / La Agonia De Vivir / Pifia / Tranzophobia / Veganismo es Respeto / Walking Is Still Honest)

May 13th, 2014 by Ray Suburbia

Record of the Week: EASTLINK LP

7 05 2014


Fittingly named after a suburban toll road in their native Melbourne, EASTLINK eloquently reconfigures the repetitive driving-on-the-Autobahn feel of, say, NEU! 75 until it suits the local atmosphere. Starting with a riff—insidious, relentless and intelligently thuggish, so classically Orstralian—the all guitar sound swaggers and swings like a pub emptying out after last call. On first listen VENOM P STINGER attempting the motorik beat came to mind, but this is not a “if you like this you’ll love that” type of sound, and I feel like I am beating my hands against the keyboard in an ape like fashion attempting to articulate the pleasures and pains of this disc! The tape that preceded this LP was one of my most listened to things of the past year, soundtracking my banal endless existence walking home after another night shift in retail-land, through desolate skyscrapers and emptied out streets. This record took me a bit longer to warm to, I think because it’s not quite as relentless/claustrophobic/total; there’s some space and even, uh, space rock on certain tracks. The lyrics are fragmented and political, questioning in a thoughtful perceptive style that seems so much more authentic than another prepackaged slice of anarcho pie. The fact that seemingly every person in a decent/exciting band in Australia is in fifty other equally decent/exciting bands is quite humbling. EASTLINK features people from TOTAL CONTROL, UV RACE, LAKES and probably thirty other bands, and they are fucking great. Another genius group sounding the death knell of the neoliberal dream.
(In the Red)

May 7th, 2014 by Layla