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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info ...

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Create to Destroy! Pepples Donuts

Josh Levine is an Oakland staple and a man about town. He has a storied past, from ...

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Records of the Week: VATICAN DAGGER 7 & RIXE 7

VATICAN DAGGER – “Not to Be/The Mess” 7" Kudos to VATICAN DAGGER for foisting their hate ...

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Everything is Not OK at The Conservatory in Oklahoma City, Sunday, March 15, 2015.  (Photo by Garett Fisbeck)

Monday Photo Blog: Garett Fisbeck

Being from Oklahoma, I'm always a little surprised and stoked to see that punk is ...

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John from ARTIMUS PYLE / CONQUEST FOR DEATH just chillin' with a vulture in Mongolia.

MRR Radio #1449 • 4/19/15

This week on MRR Radio, Greg and Alex play new music, laugh a lot, discuss ...

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Reissue of the Week: PINK SECTION LP

March 21st, 2015 by


This is a beautiful reissue. It sounds and looks amazing, the band pix are so cool — especially the photo of Carol and Judy posing in front of the Tropicana — and will make you wanna change your style immediately. The all-neon-pink sleeve (including the inside) is such a sick touch! This includes all the available PINK SECTION tracks, including their live tracks from the Deaf Club, their 45 and 12”, and a couple of amazing demos. Named after the arts and entertainment supplement of the San Francisco Chronicle, PINK SECTION shared members with the untouchable INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS, and lived in North Beach when you could find a three-bedroom apartment for $250 total… I read an interview with them where they talked about only needing to work one day a week to make their rent! The thought of that possibility makes a modern punk shudder, endless tragedies in the face of the end of San Francisco (or pretty much any city you can name that was cool in other more magical eras at this point in time). These are total surreal SF sounds with shattered manic new wave flourishes, true art punk in the best sense of the concept. So many ideas crammed into each frantic song, the lyrics are especially ironic and hilarious, cutting and sharp witted, taking down the decadent rich hippies that decamped to Marin when things got harsh, the involuntary demands of consumer culture, and militant chic while retaining a flip throwaway pop art affect. I guess the closest comparison band would be SUBURBAN LAWNS, except I don’t hate it when the guys sing…This record is a cut-up, a total up-all-night dance party with sick keyboards, shards of guitars, and the coolest male/female vocals, deconstructing new wave and the truth.
(Superior Viaduct)

Record of the Week: MÖRKHIMMEL Ostří Černé Kosy Zní LP

March 17th, 2015 by


Tormented and pummeling crust metal from Prague. None more heavy with landscape-leveling chords, and unscrupulously dark themes that churn within howling and gravely vocal tones. MÖRKHIMMEL has the metallic mid-tempo of AMEBIX and GUILLONTINE TERROR or contemporaries SCOLEX, with the skull-crushing machine vibe of PESD, and KILLING JOKE. All the while this LP remains HELLHAMMER-ing old school and DISGUST-ingly punk. MÖRKHIMMEL share members with a slew of bands from BETON and GUIDED CRADLE to HELLSHOCK. I feel lucky to be reviewing this because it is a fucking awesome LP. Ugly as shit, brooding, and thrashing. The artwork is genius: the body of what I would guess is a heron on the back of the gatefold, wrapping to the front, where the head becomes a gruesome, corroded, reaped-to-hell scythe. This will certainly be on rotation. Very impressed.
(Insane Society)

—Jason Ryan

Record of the Week: MYSTERY DATE New Noir LP

March 10th, 2015 by


MYSTERY DATE put out a 7” a while back that blew my socks off. Can this possibly live up to the anticipation I’ve developed? The answer is “yes.” This is a great record. Like, this is Top 10 of 2015 material. This is pop music. And it’s punk and it’s new wave. It’s strangely catchy and poppy, while also a little bit eerie and dark. And this is going to sound a little corny, but it’s delivered with an honesty and sincerity and sense of urgency that can’t be faked. These guys clearly believe in what they’re doing. I’m not sure why, but I’m reminded of other Midwest greats like the REPLACEMENTS and the EMBARRASSMENT. You owe it to yourself to find this one.
(Piñata Records)

— Kenny Kaos

Record of the Week: SIERPIEN Zawsze Nasze LP

February 24th, 2015 by

Sierpien_LPWow, this is such a gem, already a record-of-the-year contender for me and it’s still only spring! Moscow’s SIERPIEN may have recorded this album last year, but it could easily pass for a top-of-the-class recording from 1982, blending and transcending a slew of influences like CRISIS, SIKIERA and the MOB in their quintessentially Eastern European take on dark punk. A studio-only two-piece masquerading as a power trio, the proceedings here are consistently anthemic as all hell; usually cold and yearning, occasionally funky and danceable, and, on songs like “New Middle Ages,” approximating a more anarcho SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS. I could blather on forever—it really is impossible to capture a perfect record in mere words—but trust me when I say this is not the kind of thing you can afford to miss. Simply genius.
(Mass Media)

Record of the Week: DEMOLITION Bombenhagel CD

February 17th, 2015 by


Holy shit!!! This is the very definition of a juggernaut! Based on their legacy, the fact that DEMOLITION delivers an incredibly powerful record comes as no surprise…but from the mostly instrumental intro track they drop severe tonnage on Bombenhagel, and the intensity skyrockets from there. The base here is fist-in-the-air anthemic Japanese hardcore but there are overt NYHC elements that fall just short of beatdown breakdowns, and their integration of ’80s heavy fucking metal into the mix is both shameless and brilliant. Even on mid-tempo plodders like “Hail Satan” (which is really little more than a Sunset Strip banger with VENOM vocals) the foot never leaves your throat. A seriously incredible release, taking punks’ flirtations with metal and launching them beyond simple MOTÖRHEAD worship (which is easy), injecting the hooks into jaw dropping Japanese hardcore. The bar just got a little higher, metalpunks—now you’ve got something else to strive for. And again: Holy shit!!
(MCR Company)