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Gattopardo (photo by Mateus Mondini)

MRR Radio #1463 • 7/26/15

Special guest Ben Paulsen joins Matt and plays some great stuff from his label Commodity ...

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Blast From the Past: Really Red Part Two! U-Ron Speaks

This originally ran in MRR #326/July ’10, which you can grab here Deep South Punk Legends ...

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Blast From the Past: Really Red PART ONE

This originally ran in MRR #323/Apr ’10, which you can grab here It’s Not Just Entertainment: ...

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Moor Mother Goddess (photo by d1L0)


“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info ...

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Record of the Week: NO

Record of the Week: NO

NO – “Treating People Like They Don’t Exist” MLP These Londoners have really outdone themselves this ...

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Record of the Week: Black Time

July 1st, 2015 by

BLACK TIME – “Aerial Gobs of Love” LP
All hail BLACK TIME, architects of the brutal and arcane…Transporting the listener to the collapsing concrete shopping centers of London, in which girls and boys as informed as much by the Medway Sound as the Situationist ideal hack out a new / old existence in the ashes of commerce. What other group could summon thoughts of HUGGY BEAR, SWELL MAPS, early Michigan garage sounds, Musique Concrète, girls in bootleg Mary Quant / Bridget Riley get ups reading Sheila Delaney’s teenage works…BLACK TIME is the way and the truth. The sound of irate bedroom masterworks—when Lemmy Caution shouts he’s got no expectations you can feel that tool Jagger’s smug sprawl of expectations slowly eating away at the earth… Janey Too-bad’s voice on the title track makes me wanna grab a Silvertone and join the WHAT FOUR (or the MOD 4). Anyway this is a piercing, shambling, devastating view into two years of bedroom recordings by London’s only garage band (who no longer exist, but word on the street is the MIDNIGHT MINES is a new and related endeavor). Tascam truths for sped up troublemakers. (LG)

(Fobjudna Ljud)

Reissue of the Week: Moskwa

June 25th, 2015 by

R-6466736-1419942500-9033.jpegMOSKWA – “Nigdy!” LP

I couldn’t be happier holding this long overdue reissue of MOSKWA’s awesome 1986 cassette. This recording sees them at their most ferocious. Blazing tempos and high-pitched and insane sounding guitars give MOSKWA a sound of their own among other Polish punk heroes like DEZERTER, TZN XENNA, POST REGIMENT, and REJESTRACJA. The chord progressions and snarled vocal melodies on here indicate a strong talent for songwriting. The recording is so hot and raw and grips me in such a unique way. The default pace is so fast and furious, but then these strong mid-paced songs like “Za Kratami” and “Problem” really stand out as the best. This high-quality reish comes with a nice looking booklet containing translated lyrics and lots of great photos of these guys and their big hair. You don’t need every one of those gazillion reissues of every obscure ’80s punk release, but you really do need this one. (Matt Badenhop)

(Warsaw Pact)

Record of the Week: Slugga

June 17th, 2015 by

SLUGGA – “Parasite/Shaved Heads”
This record rules. Stupid, short and direct. “Parasite” is so fucking catchy and punk and perfect. I think my only complaint is their singer sounds a little like Lumpy (of the DUMPERS), but that’s not a big complaint. All that aside, the fucking song is an instant classic and I won’t be surprised when it’s featured on Killed By Death #125 in 2053. “Shaved Heads” slows down just barely and it’s the perfect song for an idiotic creepy crawl through a stupid fucking basement show. Sloppy, but not too sloppy, punk…the kind of shit you wanna hear first thing in the morning before you spend the day punching fuckheads in the face. (Greg Harvester)
(Total Punk)


Reissue of the Week: Flag of Democracy

June 16th, 2015 by

Ah yes, killer reish here of the second best record to ever emerge from the City of Brotherly Love. (YDI 7” is number one if you were curious.) Anyway, F.O.D. seems to have gotten an unfair shake on account of being a “funny band,” and for pressing on far past their peak, but this six-songer is prime, ’80s East Coast suburban, lawn-mowing, hardcore thrash at its finest, a perfect kindred spirit with ADRENALIN O.D. The hyper-speed, snappy thrashers that fill the grooves of this 7” are a crucial piece of the ’80s American hardcore puzzle that definitely need to be digested more than once if you fancy such things. (Justin Briggs)

Since we got sent a giant stack o’ F.O.D reissues which are all reviewed in the new MRR so I thought I’d dig around and find an older mention in ye olde MRR archive… (Taken from issue #5)  You can take a listen to this tape right here courtesy of SRA Records

Reissue of the Week: Blast

June 10th, 2015 by

BLAST – “Damned Flame/Hope” EP
Teeheehee. I think I got the sleeper grail this month. I been hearing little dudes chatting up the chatrooms on this early ’70s Belgium proto-bonz these last couple months, I guess the OG 7” gets dat fancy Euro coin when it pops up on eBay every other five years. The cover is uber crude mystery skull with green eyes, what else do you need to know?! Oh yeah, the music. I had to review some other French “proto-punk grail” a couple months ago but I don’t even remember what that noise was called. BLAST is
Thee Shit. Heavy as fuck, right where most ’70s proto jams cannot deliver—this shit is hella doomy overblown unrelenting proto-metal, proto-punk, proto-kick-your-skull-in aggro business with broken Engrish that may as well be from Japan circa 1983. If you are not convinced, you just need to crank the volume up. Super ill fold-out photo/history booklet tops it off. Sick!! (Graham Booth)
(Death Vault)

(technically sold out at the label but check distros!)