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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #387 • Aug 2015

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #387, the August 2015 issue! Philadelphia's SHEER MAG discuss livin' in the city ...

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Photo: Mark Murrmann

Blast From the Past: Hex Dispensers

This originally ran in MRR #318/Nov ‘09, which you can grab here I’ve been buying punk ...

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Punks in the slam pit. (photo by Nora Godoy)

Monday Photo Blog: Nora Godoy

Nora Godoy sent us a few photos to help get the summer kicked into gear ...

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Blast From the Past: The Younger Lovers

This originally ran in MRR #317, October 2009, that issue is sold out but you ...

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Record of the Week: ABUSE OF SUBSTANCE Substance Abuse EP

June 2nd, 2015 by

AbuseOfSubstance_EPHoly fucking shit, this is like manna from heaven for dirt-dumb pogo punk fans. Edmonton’s ABUSE OF SUBSTANCE are ’90s drunk punk to the core, clearly influenced by Japanese masters like TOM & BOOT BOYS and DISCOCKS but closer in spirit and style to the Pogo Attack compilation bands. I’m talking the BRISTLES, I’m talking BANNER OF HOPE, and I’m definitely talking about the motherfucking CASUALTIES. The busy, melodic bass gives the sound a hint of early DEFIANCE as well. 1-2 drumming, 1-2 solos and great WRETCHED ONES gravel-and-whisky lead vocals round out the package. It’s not all for fun though — there is a definite edge to these dudes. Not sure if I’m entirely on board with their pro-violence “Punx Are Mean,” but hopefully that’s all bark and no bite, like the adorable bulldog featured in the back-cover band photo. I’d say “Don’t let the shitty pixelated cover fool you,” but that shitty pixelated cover is a pretty good indicator of the what’s contained herein. These punx don’t know about fuckin’ computers, they know about beer, shitty jobs and getting railed on whatever they can find and shove up their noses (plus, having a shitty pixelated cover is totally ’90s). If you have any, and I mean any kind of soft spot for ’90s street/drunk punk, you need this fucking record in your life.
(Obnoxio Drunk Punk)

Record of the Week: VLASTA POPIĆ Kvadrat CD

May 19th, 2015 by

VLASTA_POPIC_Kvadrat_CDBass-heavy noise/proper indie rock and punk from Croatia. There’s lots of disjointed guitars vocals in Croatian which, like other Slavic languages, is a really great language for music. Loads of push-pull tempos, sharp guitar tones, and big strums the way it outta be — no snoozy Pitchfork-approved/trendy fest moves here — imagine a faster SHELLAC and maybe a less-spastic and way more interesting RODAN. On the other hand, VLASTA POPIĆ does some excellent straight up punker tunes like on “Slijepa Nasa [Mrznja],” as well as a sort of SONIC YOUTH-y style on “Mastanje.” The rest of the album gets slower for a few songs (but still captivating) and plays around with different vocals and structures. And lest I forget — the incredible “O vodi” gives off a real SCRAWL (Ohio) style. Very recommended!
(Moonlee Records)

—Justin Davisson

Record of the Week: LAST SONS OF KRYPTON Teenage Trash LP

May 12th, 2015 by


This band has managed to ride a glowing Tim Yo record review from nearly 20 years ago into the realm of near-legend. Surprisingly, that debut 7” is one I still count amongst my faves of the era, worthy of being mentioned alongside REATARDS, LOLI AND THE CHONES and EPILEPTIX when it comes to primitive, shitty-teenager punk rock. And Wisconsin’s LAST SONS OF KRYPTON may be the shittiest teenagers of them all—at least that’s the case this long-overdue LP is making. Every one of the twenty tunes collected here represents a life’s work for some true teenage fuck-ups, and the quality of the racket is generally higher than it has any real right to be. Their sensitivities and “worldview” couldn’t be any lower though, offering up some kind of perverse balance that keeps them punk boneheads until death. Whatever. A gang of insufferable, bratty and delinquent assholes making a racket outta sheer frustration and hatred of their lives and surroundings is always gonna be punker than shit, and LAST SONS OF KRYPTON fit that bill perfectly. True teenage assholery on display…waste no time in acquiring a copy of your own!
(Certified PR)

Record of the Week: GAY KISS Preservation Measures LP

May 5th, 2015 by


Filling out a hardcore full-length — at 33 rpm, no less—is one of the harder tasks in the challenging world of music, but after a 12” EP and a couple of 7”s GAY KISS have measured themselves up to the task. It helps if you’re a band that knows how to use the extra space, and GAY KISS are experts at twisting negative space in and out of time and tempo. The first track starts strong, rides out what sounds like a fade out of distant kick drum thump, then snaps back into a bedroom mosh-worthy breakdown. “Preservation Measures” is full of whiplash-inducing unpredictability and feverish guitar work, totally restless playing all over the frequency spectrum. Sometimes it sounds like the guitarist threw his instrument away in favor of a power drill or a dial-up modem hooked up to a Rat pedal. The strongest tracks here stretch out and use the empty space to let a riff unravel and implode before taking it somewhere else. “Relent,” for instance, lets a SACCHARINE TRUST-style riff collapse, cave in on itself and get back on its feet over and over again over a shifting set of fills. Fans of freaky hardcore bands in the game such as NASA SPACE UNIVERSE, the LOWEST FORM, and WHITE WARDS will find a lot to like here. Complete with some great cover artwork, another tremendously sick package from Sorry State.
(Sorry State)

—Eli Wald

Record of the Week: NATURE BOYS “Pissy Wind/Coast to Coast” 7″

April 29th, 2015 by


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… NATURE BOYS are a band that people are not paying enough attention to now, but will miss when they’re gone. They combine equal parts of punk, hardcore, living on the fringes, hard living, DEAD MOON and their own inimitable style to make something that is their own. “Pissy Wind” is perfect. It’s a fast fucking song about the toxicity of surrounding yourself with people who are consumed by bad fucking vibes…or that’s what I took from it, at least. Two genders on the mic at all times. “Coast to Coast” on the flip side slows down (barely), a mid-tempo ode to dead friends (maybe???). It’s there to help you relive the pain of life or the inevitable return of something we’ve all felt, but have rarely given name to…sometimes known colloquially as “The Great Terribleness.” The bumbling of our stupid selves as we rocket through space on a dumb piece of rock. After releasing two LPs and one EP, NATURE BOYS have added new drummer Alex Moss on this record, which has tightened their whole mess up considerably. The whole band sounds more focused…concise even…and these two songs just aren’t enough for me, but I’ll wait patiently for the next few songs to trickle out of their dilapidated Kansas City homes.

— Greg Harvester