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Record of the Week: BARCELONA Extremo Nihilismo 12

Several things set BARCELONA apart from any prospective peers. First and foremost, the powerful vocals from ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #384 • May 2015

It's time for Maximum Rocknroll #384, the May 2015 issue! Despite what we told you ...

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Good Good Things at Vadenuevo Moron in Buenos Aires, March 16, 2015. (photo by Cristian Roma)

Monday Photo Blog: Cristian Roma from Argentina!

Cristian Roma returns to the Monday Photo Blog with some photos of recent happenings for you to ...

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MRR Radio #1446 • 3/29/14


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MRR Comics & Art Issue Artist Q&A with Juarma López

This month's MRR magazine is the Comics & Art Issue! Throughout March we are highlighting some ...

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Record of the Week: SIERPIEN Zawsze Nasze LP

February 24th, 2015 by

Sierpien_LPWow, this is such a gem, already a record-of-the-year contender for me and it’s still only spring! Moscow’s SIERPIEN may have recorded this album last year, but it could easily pass for a top-of-the-class recording from 1982, blending and transcending a slew of influences like CRISIS, SIKIERA and the MOB in their quintessentially Eastern European take on dark punk. A studio-only two-piece masquerading as a power trio, the proceedings here are consistently anthemic as all hell; usually cold and yearning, occasionally funky and danceable, and, on songs like “New Middle Ages,” approximating a more anarcho SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS. I could blather on forever—it really is impossible to capture a perfect record in mere words—but trust me when I say this is not the kind of thing you can afford to miss. Simply genius.
(Mass Media)

Record of the Week: DEMOLITION Bombenhagel CD

February 17th, 2015 by


Holy shit!!! This is the very definition of a juggernaut! Based on their legacy, the fact that DEMOLITION delivers an incredibly powerful record comes as no surprise…but from the mostly instrumental intro track they drop severe tonnage on Bombenhagel, and the intensity skyrockets from there. The base here is fist-in-the-air anthemic Japanese hardcore but there are overt NYHC elements that fall just short of beatdown breakdowns, and their integration of ’80s heavy fucking metal into the mix is both shameless and brilliant. Even on mid-tempo plodders like “Hail Satan” (which is really little more than a Sunset Strip banger with VENOM vocals) the foot never leaves your throat. A seriously incredible release, taking punks’ flirtations with metal and launching them beyond simple MOTÖRHEAD worship (which is easy), injecting the hooks into jaw dropping Japanese hardcore. The bar just got a little higher, metalpunks—now you’ve got something else to strive for. And again: Holy shit!!
(MCR Company)

Record of the Week: NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS Recovery LP

February 10th, 2015 by

NeighborhoodBrats_RecoveryLPI’ve been lucky enough to see the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS a handful of times as well as play a show with them, which is fortunate because as of this writing they announced that they are no longer. R.I.P. NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS. Recovery is a great album to close on — solid fucking punk. The first three tracks “Year of the Brat,” “Boys for 20 Years” and “Complete Mess” are by far the stand-outs, and those songs alone are worth buying this LP for. Other highlights include “Painted and Gutted,” which has a catchy as fuck retro ’80s punk brainworm melody, and the closer, “The Pharmacy Is Closer Than the Liquor Store,” a definite ripper. “Escape the City” is a menacing surf instrumental that serves as almost an intermission, a deep breath before getting back to business. Jenny Angelillo’s vocals are controlled throughout — she only really screams it out in “50 Shades of Fuck You.” The grip of her voice around each melody shows she’s in control. The engine which propels each song is George Rager’s guitar work, an incredibly catchy, fast and furious surf guitar with riff after sweet riff, never out of step, completely calculated, but never obvious in the least. Shit. Is. Tight. Their sound can be best summed up as a mix of NIGHT BIRDS, ADOLESCENTS, and WIPERS, with a cleaner and more modern take on ’80s punk. Damn shame it’s their last release. Highly recommended.

— Camylle Reynolds

Record of the Week: DRIBBLE Lovers 7″

February 3rd, 2015 by


The first pleasant surprise of 2015 came to me all the way from Melbourne, Australia, thanks to this 7″ EP from DRIBBLE. Everything from this band’s name to their art direction — not to mention their provenance via Cool Death and Distort Records — would indicate whiplash-inducing, noisy hardcore slime along the lines of that last VELVET WHIP tape. I’d already cleared all my things off of my desk at my old apartment to avoid knocking anything over due to involuntary thrashing when I dropped the needle onto a riff that sounds like it could have come out of the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH songbook. A different sort of greasy vibe than the one I was expecting, but a nonetheless appropriate soundtrack to some post/romantic lyrical meditations on obsession, masochism, and wandering through the city streets. Over the course of my own daily meandering online I turned up a flyer for a bill the group shared with LOW LIFE, which sounds like a well-matched lineup of Down Under down-and-outers exploring the dark depths of performing urban masculinity through fuzz and chorus effects. The B-side takes a slightly slower VOIDOIDS-esque trudge into the same streets as they empty out, save for the obsessive wanderers and nihilist observers. We also have one last drugstore cowboy song on this one, riding the same chord progression and arrangement as the last two tunes all the way into the sunset of this short but sweet record. These are streets we’ve walked before, but a lot like a close friend of yours who tells you the same two or three jokes over and over again, it might just grow on you. The labels responsible have assembled a handsome and elegant package here with a sixpanel 14″ x 21″ poster insert and lyric sheet. Naturally, looks like this one is already sold out. If I were to win a wager on the 50-50 chance between some new recordings getting dribbled out and the band going out in a blaze of ignoble glory, I’d put my winnings towards that next 7″. (Cool Death / Distort)

— Eli Wald

Record of the Week: CRIME DESIRE Your Power LP

January 27th, 2015 by


Over the past ten years or so, these San Diego punks have built up quite a solid discography, but I can’t think of another recording of theirs that has had such an immediate and visceral impact. From the timeless opening mosh riff/“Yeeeaaaaaah” to the subtly tweaked recording to the raging solos and rock-solid rhythm section this is the work of a band that’s firing on all fucking cylinders. The snarled vocals and metallic touches betray quite a bit of SEPTIC DEATH influence (a comparison I don’t make lightly) but the backbone is rooted in the straightforward drive of ’80s East Coast hardcore à la SSD or ANTIDOTE. The churning title track starts out with a gloomy almost SAMHAIN vibe that stands out from the rest of the record while still fitting in beautifully, building into a chaotic wail that ends the album with a rush of energy. If CRIME DESIRE wasn’t on your radar before then they damn sure should be now. Great stuff!