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Record of the Week: KRONOFOGDEN Arbete och/eller Fritid LP

The second full-length from Hudiksvall, Sweden’s KRONOFOGDEN ("Enforcement Officer") shares some obvious DNA with the ...

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Emily's Sassy Lime

MRR Radio #1448 • 4/12/14

Dan hands the reins to Jolie and Colin, who demonstrate their great taste. Intro song: DISTORTED PONY ...

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MRR Presents: Friday Fuckin' Funnies! #72

NOWHERE CITY by Vickie Smalls! More great comix by Vic at nowherecitycomix.tumblr.com "The Suck Up" by Scott ...

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Record of the Week: KRONOFOGDEN Arbete och/eller Fritid LP

April 14th, 2015 by

KRONOFOGDEN_LPThe second full-length from Hudiksvall, Sweden’s KRONOFOGDEN (“Enforcement Officer”) shares some obvious DNA with the legendary bands from their hometown (members of MISSBRUKARNA even do guest a chorus on one track), but charges harder on a ramshackle USHC bent, with vocals quickly spat out over fourteen straightforward hardcore bursts. Sturdy, linear drumming propels the fuzzed-out gnarl of guitar distortion, as the angry vocals and shouted choruses in Swedish scrape the volume peaks of their slightly distorted recording. With enough elements stewing, this sturdy engine here stirs things up enough to keep it on edge like a noisier, more raw take on the best moments of DS-13 and ETA, and the second side has a few more crunchy downbeat moments that shadow some TOTALITÄR poundings. The title (which translates to “Work and/or Leisure”) reveals a good portion of the lyrics’ meanings, with English translations explaining how they questioning the Swedish relationship to work and employment, the cost of public transportation in traditionally poorer areas of their city, the closing of youth centers, and other local issues. Cover artwork is pen-and-ink scribble, somewhere between MAGGOT SANDWICH and MUNICIPAL WASTE, with assembly lines, robot cops, zombies and more. Also comes with a 16-page comic. Killer!
(Blindead Productions)

Record of the Week: SOLUTIONS Life of Joy 12″

April 7th, 2015 by


Absolutely relentless in approach, the SOLUTIONS record is fast, diverse and flawlessly executed. The music is textured with an unreal degree of precision and skill. With a foot firmly planted on the gas SOLUTIONS delivers an elite caliber of songwriting and musicianship that falls somewhere between the traditional rage of powerviolence and the mind-melting vision of progressive, melodic hardcore. Not unlike Buffalo’s GAS CHAMBER, with whom they share two members, the SOLUTIONS collection is a myriad of sounds pushing and playing off of each other only to combine for a galloping dive into a unified force of strength and rhythm, effectively rendering comparisons and genre assignments useless. Upping the ante rendered by the likes of the DEAD LANGUAGE or the crippling works of IRON LUNG, these boundary-pushing and genre-defining efforts have new company. Truly an impressive effort on this tragically short and criminally scarce release. Buy this record, tape this record, steal download codes, whatever it takes…hear this, because you haven’t heard it before.
(Iron Lung Records)

— Ryan Murphy

Record of the Week: BARCELONA Extremo Nihilismo 12″

March 31st, 2015 by

Several things set BARCELONABARCELONA_ExtremoNihilismoLP apart from any prospective peers. First and foremost, the powerful vocals from the singer of FIRMEZA 10, with some of the most biting, bilious and determined lyrics in recent memory. Meanwhile the drums circle around conventional hardcore, never quite settling into anything comfortable, coming across more often as a struggle than a direct assault. “Bomba,” for instance, plays for about fifteen seconds of a short and vicious song before sliding into a solid minute of despair. It might only be sixty seconds long, but in this context it acts as a lengthy statement: hypnotic, plodding rhythms undergird a wailing guitar expounding confused exasperation. This whole record feels like the cover artwork. Anxiety looms over each song (no subtlety or surprise as the album opens with “Ansiedad”), but so does anger—as esoteric as it is savage. Extremo Nihilismo is the defiant sum of its parts and its history: there is no mistaking this record as anything but the culmination of the best and most intriguing aspects of recent Spanish punk and hardcore. All in barely eleven minutes.
(La Vida Es Un Mus)

—review by Shit Zoo, from MRR #384

Record of the Week: DAVIDIANS Night Terrors/Gimme All Yo Dope 45

March 24th, 2015 by


These are some freaky-ass tracks right here. From the label that brought you WHATEVER BRAINS and BRAIN FLANNEL (and a host of other outta this galaxy shit) comes the DAVIDIANS single. When the needle dropped and those groovy, angular bass licks kicked in I was mesmerized. Straight up, a sound that would make GANG OF FOUR blush (then curse for not doin’ it in ’79). The vocalist is the epitome of the snotty frontman. Dude is all nasal. Sounds like he hasn’t blown his nose in a month. And while this dude is screamin’, the guitar is pretty much doin’ its own thing. At points they meet up and play together but really, I feel like both stringed instruments are reading off entirely different music sheets. I feel like these folks get some of their cues from the more angular post punk acts like PIL or the freakier WIRE tracks, but with way more of a focus on speed and obnoxious delivery. I had to listen to this record a couple of times to get some sort of hold on it, and I’m not sure I even got it. I just know this record is great. Very stoked to listen and re-listen. Buy buy buy! For fans of: Staring directly into the sun, adventures in abandoned mine shafts, and skipping prom.
(Sorry State)

— Max Wickham

Reissue of the Week: PINK SECTION LP

March 21st, 2015 by


This is a beautiful reissue. It sounds and looks amazing, the band pix are so cool — especially the photo of Carol and Judy posing in front of the Tropicana — and will make you wanna change your style immediately. The all-neon-pink sleeve (including the inside) is such a sick touch! This includes all the available PINK SECTION tracks, including their live tracks from the Deaf Club, their 45 and 12”, and a couple of amazing demos. Named after the arts and entertainment supplement of the San Francisco Chronicle, PINK SECTION shared members with the untouchable INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS, and lived in North Beach when you could find a three-bedroom apartment for $250 total… I read an interview with them where they talked about only needing to work one day a week to make their rent! The thought of that possibility makes a modern punk shudder, endless tragedies in the face of the end of San Francisco (or pretty much any city you can name that was cool in other more magical eras at this point in time). These are total surreal SF sounds with shattered manic new wave flourishes, true art punk in the best sense of the concept. So many ideas crammed into each frantic song, the lyrics are especially ironic and hilarious, cutting and sharp witted, taking down the decadent rich hippies that decamped to Marin when things got harsh, the involuntary demands of consumer culture, and militant chic while retaining a flip throwaway pop art affect. I guess the closest comparison band would be SUBURBAN LAWNS, except I don’t hate it when the guys sing…This record is a cut-up, a total up-all-night dance party with sick keyboards, shards of guitars, and the coolest male/female vocals, deconstructing new wave and the truth.
(Superior Viaduct)