Video of the Week: AUSMUTEANTS “No Motivation”

February 20th, 2014 by

Australia’s d-u-m-b geniuses AUSMUTEANTS make a video warning punks of the perils of putting on sunglasses you find in eviscerated bodies. From their Amusements LP on Aarght!, which is also (finally!) getting pressed in the US by Goner Records.

Video of the Week: St. Ripper Knife Comb!

February 13th, 2014 by

Hey, it’s not too late to order your ltd. ed. Knife Comb, and it’s never too late to enjoy this amazing “infomercial” made by Boston punx ST. RIPPER. Komb sales benefit the band’s upcoming tour, and the video benefits punx everywhere. A++!

Video of the Week: Last Fast Ride

October 11th, 2013 by

San Francisco’s public TV station KQED recently aired Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess, the 2011 documentary about Insaints singer Marian Anderson, and they are making it available to watch online for a limited time — through November 5 only! Watch it here, and read Rotten Ron’s 2011 write-up of the film below.


If you’re not from the Bay Area you may or may not remember Marian Anderson. She was the super outrageous and controversial singer of THE INSAINTS in the ’90s. She almost got Gilman shut down for sticking a banana in her vajayjay and other sordid sexual acts when the douchebag ex-drummer of the DKs called the man. She also had a torrid relationship with Tim Yo, who she loved dearly till the end. I just know her as one of my few bestest friends and I loved her dearly. One ex-girlfriend even used to refer to her as my mom. I was in a band with her and lived with her when I moved to Hollywood, taking me in when I had no place to go. Anyway, the movie is fantastic. Along with fellow Marian pal Nick, we drove all night to make the film’s premier at Sundance, resulting in us getting pulled over and detained for two hours while drug sniffin’ dogs were sicked on our ripped apart rental car. She would have loved it. Fuck the pigs! Great and heartfelt interviews with Tim Yo(!), Lint, Daniel from the Insaints, the dude from the Offspring, and love of her life Danielle Bernal, along with all of her friends. Narrated by Henry Rollins!?! I cried my guts out and so will you. A woman who rose from sexual and physical abuse, who wasn’t bitter but loving and protective as hell to those lucky enough to call her their friend. Don’t miss it.

Videos of the Week: ABSURDO y ORDEN MUNDIAL

December 11th, 2012 by

Here are TWO raging videos for you this week, cuz they’re short… and awesome. ABSURDO from Barcelona appears in the newest issue of MRR and Mallorca’s ORDEN MUNDIAL, well, they just kick ass. Here’s both bands performing at the same fest (I think?) in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Feel free to dance!

Movie of the Week: Freaks In Love

August 23rd, 2012 by

This movie review by Carolyn Keddy appears in the latest issue of MRR. If you don’t already subscribe to our lovely zine, click here and get six months or a year’s worth of black inky fingers free with purchase!

With the exception of the people I can see clearly in the light, this is a very attractive audience.

Freaks In Love is a documentary about the band ALICE DONUT. The band started in 1986 from the remains of Sea Beats, a band comprised of Columbia University students. After graduating some of the band members left New York. The remaining three went on to become Alice Donut. The band got their first show at CBGB and needed to come up with a new name. After utilizing the usual new band methods to secure a name, they settled on Alice Donut Liver Henry Moore. When they called Hilly Kristal at CBGB to tell him he told him it was too long. He shortened it to Alice Donut.

I am sure I won’t have to mention how much it bummed me out to see radio station KUSF‘s former studios in Freaks In Love. Alice Donut came in for an interview in 2009 when they were in San Francisco to play Alternative Tentacles’ 30th Anniversary party. The band members relayed that KUSF’s DJ Germ was the first person to ever play Alice Donut on the radio. Germ hosted a demo tape show on which he played the song “Waka Waka Baby.” The Dead Kennedys’ bassist Klaus Fluoride recorded the song off the radio. Later he played it for Jello Biafra who immediately liked it. Biafra went to New York to see the band. As a result they signed on with Alternative Tentacles. Biafra calls Alice Donut “the missing link between REM and the Butthole Surfers.” Take that however you want.

Freaks In Love is an atypical music documentary. As a band Alice Donut never succumbs to any of rock’s stereotypes. When band members leave it is amicably or at least without public accusations. There are no deaths of band members. There are no drug or drinking problems. There are no problems with a major label. The band never signed with one. They never signed any bad recording contracts. There are no fights over the legacy. There is very little drama at all. In fact, the whole story is so ordinary that is surprising that the documentary is interesting at all. But it is. This is the story of a bunch of friends playing music together for the right reasons with a good amount of success. There aren’t many bands that can claim that.

Click here for the Freaks In Love Facebook page. The DVD is available here.