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Renegades of Punk at Studio Gas 07, Brazil. (photo by Alex Almeida "Katira")

Monday Photo Blog: Alex Almeida Katira

It's over to Brazil for this Monday Photo Blog with photos from Alex Almeida "Katira." For more ...

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Los Crudos at Epicenter! (Photo by Matt Average)

MRR Radio #1460 • 7/5/15

Rob and Floyd celebrate Epicenter Zone record store's 25th anniversary. "Open for Holidays, Closed for ...

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WOW what a show: Epicenter reunion…this weekend!

WOW what a show: Epicenter reunion...this weekend!

Epicenter Zone "I was there..." The Epicenter Zone was a "punk project" on the east side of ...

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Blast From the Past: Thrillhouse Records

Blast From the Past: Thrillhouse Records

This ran in MRR #297  which came out in February 2008, you can grab it ...

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Record of the Week: Black Time

Record of the Week: Black Time

BLACK TIME – “Aerial Gobs of Love” LP All hail BLACK TIME, architects of the brutal ...

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MRR button 4-pack!

It’s been a while since we had any new buttons, so we’re excited to present to you our new Maximum Rocknroll button 4-pack, featuring three new designs and one oldie from way back in the ’00s! These are the classic 1″ size badge — the punkest size of all… Big thanks to Ian Clark and the dudes from Destino Final for the artwork!


MRR button 4-packs are only 4 bucks postpaid ($5 ppd. outside of the US)

Buy this button HERE


Or, for an extra special bargain, get the latest issue of Maximum Rocknroll magazine and a button 4-pack for only 7 bucks!*

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*$9 ppd to Canada, $11 ppd to Mexico, $13 ppd worldwide.

Order via the MRR Webstore or send check, money order, or well-hidden cash to:

Maximum Rocknroll
PO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146