DIY — Distribute It Yourself!

You can distribute MRR! Sell ‘em to your friends, at shows, whatevs… Order 5 or more of the same issue for only $2.49 each plus postage. Available in the US only — for details contact distro {at} maximumrocknroll(.)com.

Order distro copies by mail

Remember, this is only for ordering multiple copies of one issue in the US only! Send $2.49 per copy then add the following flat-rate postage, depending on the quantity you ordered:

5-9 copies: $5.00 postage
10-14 copies: $6.00 postage
15-19 copies: $7.50 postage
20-24 copies: $8 postage
25-30 copies: $9 postage

Send check, money order, well-concealed cash to:
Maximum Rocknroll
PO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146-0760

Phone (415) 923-9814
distro {at} maximumrocknroll(.)com