1. How do I get my record reviewed?

    For review and radio play consideration, send two copies of vinyl or one copy of CD-only or cassette-only releases to PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146, USA. Send us the final version of your record—we do not review digital releases, test presses, or promo CDs. All tapes and CD-Rs are reviewed in the Demos section. We will review everything that falls within our areas of coverage: independent punk, garage, and hardcore. This means no major labels or labels that are exclusively distributed by major-owned distributors. We reserve the right to reject releases on the basis of content. Music without vocals or drums will not be considered. Every record that is reviewed is added to our archive, the largest collection of punk records in the world. Be sure to include contact information in your package so we can get in touch with any questions we might have.

  2. Do you review things other than music?

    Yes! We also review independently-published and -produced zines, books, and movies. Please send physical copies to PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146, USA. Be sure to include contact information and post-paid price (if applicable). If you have a streaming link to your film, or if it is playing in the San Francisco Bay Area, please email the information to carolyn@maximumrocknroll.com. We do not review digital versions of zines and books.

  3. I sent it! Did you get it?

    Probably! Please allow two months from your mailing date before following up with us to ask if we’ve received your submission. We receive hundreds of pieces of mail a week and don’t have the person power to follow up on every package.

  4. I’ve been waiting for you to interview me but no one’s getting in touch. What gives?

    MRR does not have a staff of writers who go out into the world setting up interviews—it is up to you to submit an interview. Get your friend to ask you questions! You don’t need to identify as a music journalist to contribute. In fact, we hate most music journalists! This magazine is by punks for punks—we welcome and encourage first-time interviewers. Curious about if we’d be interested in your interview? Feel free to write to content@maximumrocknoll.com to give us a heads up that you’ll be submitting.

    The magazine believes in the importance of self-determination; subjects should be able to decide how to represent themselves on their own terms. MRR is one of the only music publications in the world that operates according to these principles. We do not publish every submission we receive and reserve the right to edit all submissions for length and clarity. We feature projects that fall under the wide umbrella of punk, hardcore, and garage music, DIY culture, and radical politics. This means no corporate ties!

    We aren’t just looking for interviews with musicians—punk is a large and diverse ecosystem and we want to hear from filmmakers, artists, zine editors, activists, showspace collectives, and labels. Scene reports, oral histories and retrospectives of particular scenes or cities are also encouraged.

  5. Ok, so should I just send you a recording of our conversation?

    An interview should not be a direct transcription of an entire conversation. Like any piece of writing, an interview must have purpose and clarity. Conversations go in many directions, but the final product should be polished for readers. Trust us: people want to sound smart / interesting (and often that requires a lot of editing!). Finished interviews should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words and come with an introduction and plenty of high-resolution pictures (at least 300 DPI, with photo credits!). See our full interview guide for more information about what we think makes a good interview, translation, layout, and other FAQs.

  6. Our tour starts in two weeks, can we publish the interview before then?

    If you have an upcoming tour or release, let us know, and we can try to time publication of the issue which features your interview around the project you want to promote. We generally need at least two months of lead-time in order to schedule publication—so write us well in advance!

  7. How do I advertise?

    Check out our rates for advertising in the magazine here, and make one-off or recurring payments. You can also take advantage of discounted six and twelve month bundles. Send your artwork or other unanswered questions to;


  8. How can I get involved?

    Maximum Rocknroll is run entirely by volunteers who pour many thousands of hours a month into the magazine, website, and archive. Wherever you are in the world, if you want to help out we would love to hear from you. Secure your place in the annals of punk history and become an MRR shitworker. Find out more here.