MRR #452 • January 2021

Zine Reviews

  • Ready for War: The Florida Edition

    This is an all-photo zine on good quality paper (well worth the price) of collected images of the backsides of Battle Jackets from the streets and shows of Miami to the Gainesville Fest. The cutoff tapestry of patches, sharpie, stitched and sewn artwork presents 48 different portraits without a showing a single face. Each tale […]

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  • Heartpuncher #2

    Old school perspective on current school problems. The intro lays it out that we’re living in messed up times, but music/art (punk/photography here) may be a way to deal. Some “lucky to see them before COVID” live show reviews and photos from late 2019 and early 2020 with Toys That Kill, Gorilla Biscuits, The Longshot, […]

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  • Nxoeed #1

    “Nxoeed” is visual artist James B. Hunt who is based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work includes creatures that look like something out of some wild alien B-movie. This zine includes posters, flyers, band logos and journal entries from a year in the life of Nxoeed. It even includes several pages of art you’re encouraged to […]

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  • Fuzz #2

    This is the second issue of Fuzz documenting the underground music/art/culture of Cleveland. The cut and paste layout along with illustrations and interviews is collaged with black and white photos of unpropitious live bands in sweaty dive bars. It’s a reminder that after the corporate gentrification of the prior cultural city centers of the likes of NYC, […]

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  • $pare ¢hange #37

    This is the 37th edition of this zine cataloging the punk house Anarchtica in Chattanooga, TN. There is a collection of the posters of the shows held there, interspersed with stories banged out on a typewriter about the trials, tales and tribulations that transpired at what is one of the centers of the Chattanooga punk […]

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  • Fluke #18

    Fluke fanzine has been publishing for close to 30 years, though in fits and spurts, with the last five years or so being particularly active. Fluke has a knack for finding interesting and often outsider artists to interview and this issue is no different. Susan A. Phillips is a professor at Pitzer College and provides her insights on […]

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  1. Werewolf Jones
  2. The Vibrators
  3. Chris Spedding
  4. Undermine
  5. TI-83
  6. Swan Wash
  7. Sex With a Terrorist
  8. The Scissor Girls
  9. Science Man
  10. Rolex
  11. Radar
  12. Outsiders
  13. Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers
  14. Life
  15. Die Letzten Ecken
  16. Pretty Voices
  17. Kaleidoscope
  18. Irreal
  19. Incinerated
  20. PLF
  21. Lamps
  22. Isotope
  23. The Fuzztones
  24. French Werewolves
  25. Dropdead
  26. The Deadbeat Club
  27. Dogma
  28. The Cool Greenhouse
  29. The Astronauts
  30. Daydream
  31. Aluminum Knot Eye
  32. Shithole
  33. Aborted Tortoise
  34. Trashdog
  35. Prized Pig
  36. Paracetamøl
  37. The Touch Heads
  38. Panic Bodies
  39. Möwer
  40. Mandible Klaw
  41. Liquid Assets
  42. GRP.TXT
  43. Nulla Osta
  44. Warfare
  45. Eva Ras
  46. DZTN 1980
  47. Condemned
  48. Ernia
  49. The By-Products
  50. Gen Pop
  51. Youth Deprivation
  52. White Stains
  53. V/A
  54. Unclaimed Diamonds
  55. Twisted Nerve
  56. Total Wolf
  57. Sweet Reaper
  58. Star Party
  59. Shrinkwrap Killers
  60. Rosetta Stone
  61. Public Acid
  62. No Negative
  63. New Berlin
  64. Melting Walkmen
  65. Meltcitizen
  66. Lethal Means
  67. Lebenden Toten
  68. Lazy
  69. Landowner
  70. Kobra
  71. Imperial Leather
  72. Huraña
  73. Eyes and Flys
  74. Eat
  75. Desastyr
  76. Death Cult
  77. The Culprits
  78. Charlie Continental
  79. C-Krit
  80. Buck Biloxi and the Fucks
  81. Boofin Tylenol
  82. Big Rig
  83. Big Laugh
  84. Bathouse
  85. Alien Nosejob
  86. The Adicts
  87. Activistas
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