The MRR archives continue:
Maximum Rocknroll #2 • Sept-Oct 1982

10 07 2012

Continuing with our MRR Archives series in celebration of our 30th Anniversary, here is the complete download of Maximum Rocknroll issue #2 (see below for link). Our guest MC this time is Martin Sprouse, whose past contributions to MRR are innumerable, and who continues to be a mentor and inspiration to us all. Thank you Martin!

I remember the day I walked into San Diego’s Off the Record and saw the stack of Maximum Rocknroll #2 on the counter. I picked up a copy and stared at the cover.

Body. Flag. Corporation.

There was no accompanying text, just a stark, black and white photo. As a teenage punk, this image instantly resonated with me. It looked different. It read different. Without any effort, it made a point-blank statement.

After joining MRR in 1985, I referred to this photo when I designed covers for the magazine. It set the stage for using the cover more as a political poster than a sales tool. MRR covers were never treated as protected real estate. We didn’t follow a set of standards or codes to ensure sales. The cover was where we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted.

I don’t remember the photo’s back story or how it became the cover. Was it meticulously planned or spontaneously thrown together? Probably a combination of both. Either way, the cover for MRR #2 made a lasting impression on me. Thirty years later, this photo could easily be used for the cover of MRR #352. Its sharp message remains as relevant today, if not more so.

I also want to congratulate the MRR readers, volunteers, writers, contributors, supporters, distributors, critics, and enemies from the last 30 years. You have made MRR possible. Thanks.

— Martin Sprouse, 2012

PDF download of MRR #2 HERE. See our post of MRR issue #1 here. We’ve done our best to clean up theses scans while keeping the “newsprint” look, and to keep the file size small while still being readable. If you have any trouble downloading or reading this file, please contact webzine {at} maximumrocknroll(.)com.

If you appreciate these free downloads, please consider donating a small amount — however much you think it’s worth — to help us pay some bills around here. Thanks… and enjoy!

July 10th, 2012 by MRR



3 responses to “The MRR archives continue:
Maximum Rocknroll #2 • Sept-Oct 1982”

12 07 2012
Adam Johnston (11:50:55) :

Didn’t Tim Yo try to get loads of punks to turn up at a bank in SF for a group photo and only one lone person turned up, hence the change in planned photo? Still, a striking photo, nonetheless.

13 07 2012
Martin Sprouse (10:44:45) :


Never heard that story… Seems unlikely… Tim’s recruiting / organizing skills were better than that.

I think that’s Jerod Poor under the flag.

Does anyone know Dave Rave (the photographer)?

7 01 2014
Jerod Poore (13:11:09) :

That’s me under the flag. There was a decent turnout for the event, twenty or so. I was wearing the flag over the back of my jacket. The photographer, one of the main people behind the MRR in its earliest days, didn’t like the pictures of a bunch of punks standing around like any other protest. So I told him my idea and he liked it.

It was a good thing he got the shot he liked the first time, as the Bechtel guards rushed outside as soon as they saw me like that.

And 20-some years later, Bechtel was profiting handsomely on the deaths of Americans and Iraqis.

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