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Maximum Rocknroll #6 • May–June 1983

29 08 2012

Click image to download MRR #6!

Continuing with the MRR Archives Series in celebration of our 30th Anniversary, here is the complete download of Maximum Rocknroll issue #6!

No guest intro for this one, folks. Why, you ask? Are we being lazy? Flaky contributors? We’ll never tell. But no matter! This classic (read: old and falling apart) issue of MRR speaks for itself. Starting with this great DICKS cover, how can you go wrong? And just look at that list of band interviews and scene reports. NOTA, REALLY RED, TERVEET KÄDET, AMERICA’S HC, SCREAM, Chicago, NYC, Brazil, Spain… hardcore, and punk in general, was really exploding worldwide in early 1983 and MRR was there to celebrate and document the phenomenon.

And don’t miss the articles on punk first aid, the army, “Vinyl Economics” by East Bay Ray, and Tim Yo railing against skinheads. Also, tons of photos by Murray Bowles, who quickly became our house photographer as well as house photographer to the whole fucking Bay Area punk scene. We’ll be getting an intro from Murray in the archives series, you can be sure of that. Will it accompany a complete download of the If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries… photozine? Stay tuned and see!

If you’re too lazy to download the whole thing (really?) here’s a teaser page from the North California scene report by Brian Edge. Photos by Murray, of course:

(click to enlarge)

PDF download of MRR #6 HERE. Click here to find more of our MRR Archive downloads. We’ve done our best to clean up theses scans while keeping the “newsprint” look, and to keep the file size small while still being readable. If you have any trouble downloading or reading this file, please contact webzine {at} maximumrocknroll(.)com.

If you appreciate these free downloads, please consider donating a small amount — however much you think it’s worth — to help us pay some bills around here. Thanks… and enjoy!

August 29th, 2012 by MRR



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