MRR Radio #1405 • 6/15/14

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Are you at work right now? Good for you, listening on the Man’s dime. That is, if you work for the Man. I mean, if you work for some mom and pop store and they treat you well, get back to work.

Oi, American style

Oi, American style

Good Morning.
BASTARD NOISE – The Contrarian

Pete had a strange dream that he only partly remembers, which is remarkable because he almost never remembers dreams.
THE VAN PELT – ABCD’s of Fascism
NO BABIES – One Size Fits All
COL•LAPSE – Ansia de Veritat
LA BELLA – Petrichor

Langford dreams of the Beast. All hail. All hail.
ART MUSEUMS – Shopping
BETH ISRAEL – Statue in the Car
REMA-REMA – Short Stories
NEO BOYS – Give Me the Message
LUNGFISH – Tick Tock

Pete questions, what beast?
MOVING TARGETS – Less than Gravity
THE BUGS – Preludio
1-800 BAND – Diver Blue

Langford: Really, man?
THE TELESCOPES – The Perfect Needle
BLACK DICE – (untitled)

Pete turns to Layla for a brief talk about shapes in which beasts have taken throughout history and their significance
MOHINDER – The Mission

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16 06 2014
GoldenSwineofyourlord (12:55:35) :

too much pop! pop, pop, pop, and more pop! Let it be known, the wreckage you have caused shall not go unpunished!

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