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MRR Radio #1540 • 1/15/17

Former MRR columnist and current archive benefactor Bill Florio stopped by MRR Radio back in October to spin some eclectic ...

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“New Blood” is our weekly feature spotlighting new bands from around the world! See below for info on how to submit. Now, ...

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MRR Archive Update

It's been half a year since the end of the Indiegogo fundraiser for the MRR Archive. Since June, we've been busy ...

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Maximum Rocknroll #405 • Feb 2017

MRR #405 is here! It's that time again, our Year-End Top Ten Issue, with 2016 best-of lists by everyone from ...

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Purrkur Pillnikk

MRR Radio #1539 • 1/8/17

This week Matt fills the hour with some new shit, old shit, obscure shit, and raw '77 shit. Non-stop punk ...

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August 28th, 2014 by

MRR magazine’s popular “New Blood” section is now becoming a regular feature here on maximumrocknroll.com! See below for info on how to submit. Now, get to discovering some killer new shit…


Band name:
KATAXNIA (Greek characters)
KATAHNIÁ (English characters)
Greek word meaning “haze”

Date & location formed:
May 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Reason for forming:
The main motives for the formation of the band were the need to express ourselves and communicate through music, as well as the personal relationships among us. We consider ourselves part of the underground DIY music scene, with clear anti-commercial characteristics. We play gigs in autonomous spaces and squats, which support self-organizing, solidarity, resistance and opposition against authoritarian regimes. We perceive music as a means of conveying our ideas and feelings, which at the same time, promote DIY as a way of life, instead of a sterile lifestyle.

What are your lyrics about?
Our lyrics derive from the dark days and hours of living in the city and describe concepts such as solitude, hypocrisy in everyday life, closure, isolation, as well as human relationships.


How would you describe your sound?
The sound we produce is a blend of dark hardcore, punk and crust music.

What is the future for this band?
We just released our first self-titled LP and we hope to tour abroad in the near future.

Links and contact info:

“Dangerous Friends” by KATAXNIA

“Chill of Betrayal” by KATAXNIA


Do you have or know of an awesome new band? It’s easy to submit to be in MRR’s New Blood feature. Just send us the following info, and keep keeping’ it real…

1) Band name:
2) Date & location formed:
3) Reason for forming:
4) What are your lyrics about?
5) How would you describe your sound?
6) What is the future for this band?

Along with the answers, please send a band photo at least 600px on the longest side (with photo credits), a logo if you have one, and links and contact info for the band to:

MRR Radio #1370 • 10/13/13

October 13th, 2013 by

MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at radio.maximumrocknroll.com. Thanks for listening!

This week Maximum Rocknroll Radio gets just as crowded as this city! Dan is joined by Lydia, Andy and Ari!


Parálisis Permanente

Intro song:
PARÁLISIS PERMANENTE – Adictos de la Lujuria

ECTOPLASM – Systems Children
MALDITO PAIS – No Habrá Moda
SEX DWARF – Angestattak
H.O.A. – Repo Man

Dan Digs in the New Bin Yet Again…
HOAX – Hide
MAJOR DAMAGE – Sheer Mayhem
BACK TO BACK – Flesh & Bone/Rotten Scene
GROWTH – The Flood

Andy – The New Dude Brings You Some Slow Jammers
THE MEN – Think
BRAINBOMBS – It’s a Burning Hell
KILSLUG – Make It Rain

Lydia – Greek Salad Tourloubouki
PANDEMIA – Vasilio Tis Parakmis
GUTTER – No Chances No Choices
SARABANTE – Ermaia ton Kairou
BAZOOKA – Koritsi stin Akti

Outro song:

Record of the Week: Diataraxi Koinis Isixias comp LP

August 13th, 2013 by


Damn, what to say first about this record? That it is era-defining? That it’s the first record you should seek out if you want to know anything about early Greek punk? That it put Greece on the punk map? That it shaped the sound of Greek punk to come after it? All of the above are true yet, like with any definitive regional compilation, unless you were there, or at least lived to experience its legacy and after-effect, little can sum up its true significance. Each one of these six bands sounds different yet the common thread running throughout them all is so strong, it’s proof of music’s ability to forge and reflect a collective consciousness.

ADIEXODO’s “Nightmare” is so well-embedded within Greek punk minds that the mere sound of its opening bass-line can conjure a whole whirlwind of emotions. Their second offering (“Isolation”), is equally influential, with its raw and gritty sound, its growling vocals and despairing lyrics. The EX-HUMANS song (“Blinding Light”) perfectly captures the empty ideals that fell apart (“the only truth is death, the hope of life is a lie”) while “Suicide in Slow Motion” is another sound-defining track of fuzzed guitars, creeping melodies and painful songwriting—not just with their lyrics, but with their ability to seize a whole generation’s misery into a handful of notes. GENIA TOU HAOUS follows, with their intoxicating, dismal sound. “Bastardokratia” has evolved from old punk gem to classic street-battle anthem to the definitive pièce de résistance of anti-authoritarian Greek youth, reflecting everything that is and has been wrong about the unjust, surreal land called Greece.

Moving on to the B-Side, GROVER sings a song that every Greek punk who has ever been drafted for their military service can relate to: “In the army, the razor give you no hope. Here is hell, here is desolate. Here you are alone, leave, go far away.” The negative sentiments continue with two PANX ROMANA classics, “Greeks” (“long live delusions!”) and “Athens” (“I want to leave this city, I want to leave this hell, I’m looking for a solution, but no one can help me. Athens, a ghost city, Athens, a ghetto city, Athens, a concrete jungle, Athens, a city with a past but no future.”) To close off this mind-blowing slab of wax is Athens’ godfathers of punk, STRESS, with their timeless homages to freedom (“Right to Life”) and anxiety (“Aghos”).

A truly great compilation speaks truth where there is none. And the truth about Greek punk is that it has a stoic, almost poetic quality that transcends style and form, and instead captures the essence of societal depression and youthful despair—both still so very damn relevant today. This record brings tears to my eyes and its impact could never be summed up in mere words.
(B-Otherside Records)

Maximum Rocknroll #360 • May 2013


Yeah, yeah, spring is here. “Brush your teeth and break some bones.” Things are most definitely sprung here at the MRR compound, with new projects set in motion, a thirst for summer, and a new, slick looking issue for all you punkers!

In the May issue of Maximum Rocknroll MRR #360 — we proudly present: a trip back in time with Greek punk mutineers STRESS (see video below!); Bordeaux post-punk outfit KALTE LUST and the importance of expression; AUTONOMY from Carbondale, IL, and the power and uses of aesthetics in anarcho-punk music; and a look into the mind of our cover artist, Alex Heir of Death Traitors. We also get a tour of the creative DIY space Blood Orange Infoshop in Riverside, CA, we discuss punk and politics in São Paulo with D-beat crusties NUCLËAR FRÖST, we get the latest on Montreal hardcore ragers PROXY, and chat with “looks like hell, sounds like shit, queer as fuck” powerviolence collective +HIRS+ from West Philadelphia. Wait, there’s more! Inside you’ll also find interviews with punk rock veterans THE KIDS from Belgium, and Will Killingsworth of Dead Air Studios, an idyllically situated recording studio in Western Massachusetts. There’s a special feature on the Elks Lodge Massacre, in a retelling of that chilling St. Patrick’s Day in L.A. in 1979, our new band feature “New Blood”, Shitworker of the Month: Matt Badenhop, all the columnists you love to read on the shitter and, of course, the most extensive reviews in punk print! Grab your copy it put that shit up on your wall!

Go to our BACK ISSUES page to order this issue.

MRR Radio #1330 • 1/6/13

January 6th, 2013 by

MRR Radio is a weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection. You can find the MRR Radio podcast, as well as specials, archives, and more info at radio.maximumrocknroll.com. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

THIS WEEK: Rotten Ron and Horrible Hal bring in the New Year… drunk and ugly.


Intro song:
WHORELORDS – Sociopath

Rotten Ron – The South Is Awesome BUT the Cops SUCK!
ANTISEEN – ‘Cause I Love You
HOOKERS – Kiss My Fucking Ass
NINE POUND HAMMER – Hayseed Time Bomb

Hal – Some Faves of 2012
THE GAGGERS – Two Fingers Down My Throat
VICTIM’S FAMILY – Have a Nice Day
PINS OF LIGHT – Western Sky
BLOOD TYPES – The Day the Sun Explodes

Rotten Ron – SF’s Awesome If You Like Homosexuals
MENTALLY ILL – Padded Cell
VERBAL ABUSE – V.A. Rocks Your Liver
VOX POP – Just Like Your Mom

Hal – More New Ditties
ANTI-SOCIALES – Un Hombre Lobo En Santurce
CHEMICALS – She’s So Fine

Viva Villa Amalias! Up the Greek Punks! Opa!

Outro song:
BLACK BOOTS – Waste Time