MRR Radio #1424 • 10/26/14

October 26th, 2014 by

Dan flips the Void over, but you can’t fight fall.



Intro song:

BLACK WINE – Komrades
TORSO – Waste of Time
PROTES BENGT – Påskstämning / Vattenkamamad / Jojo-Punks
AJAX – Never Learn
VIDEO – Cult of Video

IVY – Got No Instinct
WIPERS – Bowery Boy
FRAU – Orca
INSTITUTE – Giddy Boys
ADULTS – Raw Nerves

HOLLYWOOD SQUARES – Hillside Strangler
THE OUTSIDERS – One to Infinity
GORILLA ANGREB – De Kommer ud om Natten
THE FAITH – Confusion

DEATHREAT – Who Counts the Bodies?
DEATH SIDE – Drunk Too Much
DEATH – Where Do We Go From Here?

Outro songs:
ANGST – Die Fighting
SKEWBALD – Sorry/Change for the Same

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Maximum Rocknroll #379 • Dec 2014


Maximum Rocknroll #379, the December 2014 issue, features an interview with Brazil’s powerful RAKTA, who just took North America by storm and are about to embark on a full European tour; and a conversation with Craig, bassist of Philly’s unsung ’80s hardcore legends AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR, whose long-lost LP Shattered Cattle was recently released by SRA Records. World-renowned pastry chef Brooks Headley — drummer of BORN AGAINST, (YOUNG) PIONEERS, WRANGLER BRUTES, C.R.A.S.H., UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON and more — talks about his new cookbook and cooking on the road in the ’90s. Newcomers PROTESTER and MISLED YOUTH take a break from their summer tour to visit the MRR compound, listen to SSD records, and reflect on the value of all-ages shows. Israel’s MARMARA STREISAND talk politics and punk; anarcho-punk legends POISON GIRLS discuss the recent reissues of their classic LPs, and the Bay Area’s DICK & JANE talk about their decades-long partnership. Rhode Island’s Mothers News waxes on the esoteric and exoteric in print media, long-running Brooklyn DIY space Death By Audio gives a swan-song interview before closing later this month, Bay Area by way of Eastern Europe crust label Doomed To Extinction clue us in on their recent releases, and powerviolence grinders NUNHEX offer a peek at life as a punk in Miami, Florida. All of this, plus cover art by Cassidy McGinley, a pullout photo spread from Mateus Mondini, and as always, columns, zine, book and demo reviews, and the most extensive punk record review section in print!

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Video of the Week: Les Oreilles Qui Saignent Vol. 2

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Shot mostly around 2010 and made available on DVD earlier this year, here for your free viewing pleasure is the amazing Les Oreilles Qui Saignent Video Fanzine Volume 2,  featuring cream-of-the-crop Japanese bands from the turn of the decade, plus some 1982 footage from THE STALIN and plenty of outrageous between-band bits. You will dig this shit!! Check out even more punk rock madness from this prolific French video crew at

MRR Presents: Friday Fuckin’ Funnies! #58

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NOWHERE CITY by Vickie Smalls!


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MRR magazine’s “New Blood” section is now a regular feature here on! See below for info on how to submit. Now, get to discovering some killer new shit…


Band name:

Date & location formed:
Formed in mid-2013, Orange, CA.

Reason for forming:
We formed Go Die as a way to get all out all the ideas, diatribes and poetry swimming around in our heads, and to deliver it in short, personal, catchy blasts of punk rock. Not to mention we are two dudes who have been best friends for fifteen years. Two best friends getting to make music we love and sharing it with new ears, while making new friends along the way…that’s reason enough in itself.

What are your lyrics about?
We write about personal, first-hand experiences of our lives, as well as more daunting topics that come with living in an encroaching dystopia; being swelled with anger and discontentment over topics like police brutality, inequality, diluted and cookie-cutter suburban life, stale musical scenes, failed families, and anti-intellectualism, to name a few. We were reared on punk rock that challenged what we knew, and made us seek out more information. If we have one mission for our lyrics, it would be for them to not be the last word on a topic, but to either open up a discussion or to simply be a launching off point for the listener to delve into the subject matter. We aim to challenge and engage.


How would you describe your sound?
We like to be heavy and noisy, but more importantly, melodic. We strive to get out of our own comfort zones, and to venture into new punk territory. There is no allegiance to any particular aesthetic; there is no slavish devotion to capturing a bygone era’s sonic discoveries. We’ve been influenced by every corner of the punk rock map, but choose to chart our own, new territory. It’s been tough to pinpoint what exactly our sound is, but we like calling it Nail House (mainly because making up sub-genres is fun).

What’s in the future for this band?
Hopefully continuing to play DIY spots around Southern California, as well as across the US at some point (this would be a dream come true). Really, the future is to just keep making music as two best friends, while making more friends along the way, connecting with people who are just as angry and fed up with shit as we are, and feeding off that energy and dialogue to continue making more albums.

Links and contact info:



Band name:

Date & location formed:
Formed in January 2013 in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Moved to Pittsburgh, PA, August 2013.

Reason for forming:
I started this as a one person recording project so I could put out some songs I had written. It’s grown into a live band now.

What are your lyrics about?
death. suicide. puke. skateboards. destruction. gender and sexuality issues. possession.


Ba’ad Trip (photo by Ehren Kaz)

How would you describe your sound?
Lo-Fi punk. Heavily influenced by garage punk, surf punk and Rudimentary Peni. Reverb everywhere.

What’s in the future for this band?
I’m working on a split tape with a new queer punk band from Youngstown, OH, called RIDE. Putting out a 7″ of stuff recorded with the dudes in the live band. Hopefully an LP and some more splits by spring 2015. Trying to start touring in the spring of 2015 too.

Links and contact info:

Logo by Dustin McChesney —



Band name:

Date & location formed:
Februrary 2014 at the Nuthole in Seattle, WA.

Reason for forming:
Convenience. We all live together.

What are your lyrics about?
Against popular belief there are some lyrics among all the nasally sounds.

How would you describe your sound?
Ugly noisy garbage music with itchy vocals.

What’s in the future for this band?
Hoping to do a West Coast tour in winter or spring.

Links and contact info:
psychedtodie {at} gmail(.)com


Do you have or know of an awesome new band? It’s easy to submit to be in MRR’s New Blood feature. Just send us the following info, and keep keeping’ it real…

1) Band name:
2) Date & location formed:
3) Reason for forming:
4) What are your lyrics about?
5) How would you describe your sound?
6) What’s in the future for this band?

Along with the answers, please send a band photo at least 600px on the longest side (with photo credits), a logo if you have one, and links and contact info for the band to: mrrnewblood {at} gmail(.)com