MRR Radio #1609

  • Date: May 13, 2018
  • DJ(s): Povilas Kazlauskas
Erke Maise & Be Pavadinimo gig in Alytus, 1991 (Photo: Faustas Augustinas)

MRR Remote Radio lands in Alytus, Lithuania, where Povilas Kazlauskas schools us on the punk and hardcore of the region, past and present.

Intro Song
33% KIAULIU PAKELIUI I VATIKANA – Ateities spektaklis baigtas
Soviet era punk (1980 – 1991)
SA-SA – Lektuvas
WC – Pilnas miestas narkomanu
SIENA – Ar tu galetum
Hardcore punk scene ( 1991-1999)
LMP – Nakti uztraukiu uzuolaidas
INVAZIJA – Plienines zvaigzdes
ERKE MAISE – Paranoja
New generation ( 2000 – 2009)
ZIMBABWE – Mazylis
DR. GREEN – It’s you
PKIKT – Dr. Vaclovas Mesa
BORA – Purified
Life still goes on (2010 – 2018)
KANG – Kaunas Street Hardcore
POLITICAL NECROSHEMALE BOB – Random Political Activism
BU-BY – Ikonos
THE SOLD OUTS – Rather be drinkin
ZLP GNR – Sunkeliais
Outro song
TORO BRAVO – Mes dar turim jegos
Povilas Kazlauskas is from Alytus and played in A.M.A. (1991-1993), Ekstremali Situacija (1998-2014) and is also a former founding member of Baptist Killing Spree. He founded and was a DJ on the punk show ‘Nors Persiplesk’ on Alytus radio (1994-1996).

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