Authorities Soundtrack for Trouble EP

Musically, this is sorta like early TSOL or BAD RELIGION, which is nothing to complain about. Lyrically, it has your basic punk themes, but there are a few lines that almost negate the sentiments because of the ignorance displayed. For example, on “Achtung,” a don’t-drop-the-bomb song, they say, “The Russians say they don’t want war, but that’s because they’re on top.” They then go on to say that you can’t believe anything the government says, so why do you believe the Russians have military superiority, which most experts deny. Also, in the anti-police song (“I Hate Cops”), the line “cops are all niggers” comes up. Huh? Then how come they’re always busting and hassling Blacks? Wise up, guys! A little knowledge is dangerous, but the record still sounds good.