Rattus Uskonto On Vaara 12"

RATTUS combustion, startling adrenaline speed and hammerhead blows of power. Featuring the new high-velocity rasping vocals of Annikki, RATTUS virtually sweep forth with sharp-edged earloads of riveting force and disorderly rapidity. Brilliant Finnish hardcore, unhesitant and explosive assaults of raw nitro energy.


Invigorating thrash, compliments of this three-piece Swedish barrage of chaos. Frantic flailing of whining guitar sledgehammers breakneck speed, an invasion of energetic rhythms with toppling drum mayhem. Another staggering Swedish band that delivers Herculean strength like HUVUDTVÄTT or ANTI-CIMEX.

Unter Den Linden Motstånd I Läder EP

The cover will fool you. Stirring feedback erupts into screeching strikes of unrelenting acceleration. Amazingly fast exertions of detonating disorder from Sweden. Packs all the punches of exuberant split-second nitro blastings, with chaotic guitars wild and frenzied, savage drumming, and vociferous vocal piercings. One of the best international 7″ers out. Thanks to Jerker!

Waste History Repeats EP

Swirling guitars, spinning fast psychotic grinds of explosive vigor. Enter WASTE from Holland, yet another approach to quick demanding hardcore and punk, completely different than AGENT ORANGE or BGK. WASTE is aggressive; an onslaught of butchering mayhem bolts you to the electric chair with schizoid charges of outrageous fury.

V/A Chaos in France LP

Chaos Productions presents thirteen bands from France. A multitude of different noises ranging from hardcore to skin chants. Reminiscent of English punk circa 1981, sometimes too similar. Has a lot of power and ambition, but needs more creativity.

Wretched In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto è Stato Fatto… EP

The second release by Italy’s WRETCHED. Lightning fast disorder whirlpools completely unrestrained destruction, as wailing guitar bashes and shrilling raw vocals journey the cranium into a bulldozing bombardment of maniacal unhesitant crushing speed. If you’re a fan of the NEOS, TERVEET KÄDET, or DEEP WOUND, feel the colossal quickness of the WRETCHED.

Misfits Evilive EP

Finally, a frightfully fast, fierce live dose of those fiendish ghouls, the MISFITS. Captured in NY and SF, this garroting performance shreds away the bloody flesh as razor sharp fangs glisten at the power and speed from beyond the grave that truly represents the MISFITS excitement. Look out for Die, Die My Darling and Earth AD.

Black Black Cassette

BLACK, now called BLACK FIELDS, present an enticingly raw and unrelenting garage sound that closely resembles a CRASS sound or LA’s YOUTH BRIGADE. Not thrash or chaos, but very energetic punches of staggering impetuous euphoria.

Chaos UK Chaos UK LP

Wild, crazy, unrestrained maniac convulsions of savage feedback and chaotic harmonies. Raw unmatched strength monstrously screeches frantic fury at unrelenting full frontal thrashings. Features a new hard larynx vocalist, as this LP rates right up there with mates DISORDER.

Chaotic Dischord Never Trust a Friend EP

Rough-arsed ruckus of rambunctious chaos, ear piercing and boiling feverishly as it hammers bellicose grinding commotional attacks. If this is what VICE SQUAD does without Beki as a way to burn their mates, then flush Beki and continue with this explosive mayhem.

Icons of Filth Not on Her Majesty’s Service Cassette

In the UK tradition of superb bands like the SUBHUMANS, ANTHRAX, and the DESTRUCTORS, the ICONS OF FILTH saturate the mold, storming forth with powerful clamorous drum blows amplified by brutal raucous vocals and outbursts of whiny guitar licks. Fast music highlighted by an artillery of anti-system lyrical content, which makes this quite an enjoyable debut.

APF Brigade God the Tape Cassette

ANIMAL/ANARCHY, PEACE & FREEDOM BRIGADE from England give a diversified approach to the talent that exists in music and how to express it. Triumphant lyrical manifestos describe the actions and stupidity of mankind, its conquest for control towards idiotic destruction of the earth. 60 minutes of avant-garde, folk, and fast surges of variable musical styles.

Assassins of Hope Slowmotion Suicide Cassette

UK grass-roots punk. Rumbling garagy sound onslaughts with cacophonous assailments of vocals, guitars, and abrasive cymbal shattering, detonating a very raw unrestrained echoing flavor. Featuring both male and female vocals, ASSASSINS OF HOPE boom out a rousting rigor of intense rhythms and savage lyrical exertions.

The Varukers Album Demo Cassette

Outrageous cranks of nitro-injected rapid explosions surge jarring uncontrolled vigor into charging intensity. Fast, powerful chords of raw persistence push the VARUKERS past their first two releases. A dynamite demo—if only a record company would decide to use it.

Headcleaners Extrem EP

This is an EP of HUVUDTVÄTT’s (the HEADCLEANERS’) first two half-sided 7”ers. Side A is HUVUDTVÄTT with Swedish vocals, very quick assaults of blistering thrash with two songs featuring a flute solo and a violin solo shrieking along with the speed. Side B is HEADCLEANERS with English vocals, still more flailing doses of intense speed. Great Swedish hardcore.

M.A.P. Kaasua EP

Not the more ferocious Finnish thrash, but rawer with a ravaging harsh guitar and bass sound. Has a crunching persona in its quality to be turbulent with the bulldozing power of boisterous insistancy. Features Walde, who now drums for TERVEET KÄDET.

V/A Papi, Queens, Reichskanzlers & Presidennti EP

From Italy with interesting sleeve packaging, a 7-song sampler that presents bands from many free-minded European lands. Italian bands SOTTOCULTURA, KOLLETTINO, and 5° BRACCIO jolt forth a monumentous thrash attack of havoc. Speed merchants STROMSPERRE wail from Germany and KAAOS fire a split-second barrage from Finland. Also, there’s TOTAL CHAOS from the UK and a slower, more relaxed song by IRAH of Italy. Impressive.

Part 1 Funeral Parade EP

The realm of death. Frenzied punk creative guitar feedback frightfully shrills terror and morose. Echoing drums pound shimmering insanity, evil. Haunting vocals taunt vivid lyrical descriptions of fear, anti-God, and anti-system. True music to reality’s horror show. Sullenly slower but poses the same brilliance as RUDIMENTARY PENI. Psychotic fold-out cover art is exceptional. Worth your interest.

Necros Conquest for Death / Take ‘Em Up 7"

“Conquest for Death” is a raw uncontrollable rage of rambunctious combustion. A fast, forceful frantically paced flailing stormer against competitive nature. An outrageous single venture before they release the upcoming LP.

SS Decontrol Get It Away 12"

The second full frontal assault of raw, rigorous rapidity from SSD. Seven more classic attacks of persistent manifestation. Springa’s harsh garroting vocals onslaught wild power as the band, now featuring a second guitarist, delivers some intense unrestrained material. The year’s best so far.

The Shitlickers Spräckta Snutskallar EP

Fast blistering doses of savage chaotic mayhem from Sweden. Raw cranking power with screeching guitar leads in brutal similarities to DISCHARGE, DISORDER, TERVEET KÄDET. An intense barrage of clamorous fury!

V/A Raw War Cassette

The best international sampler cassette available, with bands from Brazil, Canada, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, and UK. Features TERVEET KÄDET, NEOS, OLHO SECO, INDIGESTI, RATTUS and more! A lot of jarring explosive doses of chaos from the world of punk.

Minor Threat Out of Step 12"

Exploding turbulence thrusts forth eight new MINOR THREAT proficient arrangements. Increase the velocity of their first two powerful releases, step Brian up to second guitar, add new bassist Steve, and still more potent lyrical blitzes, and this 12″’s non-hesitant progression outbursts into the blazing best Dischord yet. Don’t miss.

Crude SS Crude SS Demo Cassette

Throngs of grinding guitar intensity, distinctive disorderly grates echoing subcutaneous rips of emergent power. CRUDE SS defiantly blaze impetuous rawness, a sonic inferno of chaotic crunchers bolting forth storming drum booms and menacing guttural vocals. A brutal untamed force, unrestrained outrageous wailings of frantic guitar cavortion highlight this fierce arrangement that exhilarates to the maximum with a strong character of stimulating popularity. From Sweden this is rapidly delicious.

V/A Grevious Musical Harm cassette

39 ferocious tracks of initiative and unlimited distinction. A delicious meal that needs no silverware to swallow this spectacular cranium-crunching ensemble of unrestrained activity. Featuring bands the globe over… Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, and more with batter-ram assaults by POISON IDEA, RAZAR BLADES, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, POWERAGE, DESTRUCTORS, 5° BRACCIO, and the intensity continues. Pick this one up quick.

Mornington Crescent Greetings from Amsterdam EP

1000-mph lightning darts. Rapidly flailing unbelievable lashings of tremendous thrash. But wait, bring that all to a screeching halt. The label states 45 RPM, which would make this the wildest vinyl in existence, but it’s actually 33. The music is still manic, uncontrolled fury busting out of the asylum, but the vocals become the rawest, severest case of throat growls and harsh havoc ever. At either speed, this four-song EP leaps forward with hammering rage and ecstatic swiftness, the caged beast unleashed.

Riistetyt Skitsofrenia 12″

RIISTETYT continues to produce insistent cranks of compelling aggression, an invasion of rapid-fire artillery frenzied in a blizzard of thrash. This time, they come out more musical, glowing with a metal appeal, strong leads, and creative arrangements, but still with the velocity of a speeding train bombarding the tracks in quick pursuit. Another overwhelming blitz of amplified mayhem that shatters the senses and leaves the body spasmodic.

Unnatural Silence 20 Song Demo cassette

Wild blistering insanity. A whirlwind of pile-driving quickness blasting explosive vocals at a sonic split-second rate; crazed grinding and drum crashing rapidly storms this band into an invading blizzard of frizzling thrash extraordinaire like DRI. Brutal non-hesitant lyrics (especially “Misfits Are Innocent”) keep the nervous system running amuck. This tape is a must.

V/A O Começo do Fim do Mundo LP

Raw, full of energy, recorded live from the punk festival in Brazil (November 27-28, 1982), and featuring nineteen bands scratching the vinyl in a brutal assault of blistering fury. Attacking, incinerating numbers by OLHO SECO, COLERA, LUZIO FINAL, HINO MORTAL, and FOGO CRUZADO surge forth in a stampede of bulldozing mayhem that is hard and abrasive, carrying a heavy momentum of unrelenting power. The live recording is the only thing that mars this effort.

  • Reviewer Pushead
  • Issue MRR #8 • September 1983

DYS Brotherhood LP

A contagious masterpiece. DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH SERVICES ricochet outrageous doses of full horsepower across the cranium. Strong instrumentation provides an invincible attack of intense staggering speed, rawness, and momentum. An unrelenting, sustained guitar growls and whines, as crushing vocals lunge out notes of gnashing abrasive melodies. From Boston, the DYS rate high with the likes of SS DECONTROL and NEGATIVE FX. A shimmering release.

Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies LP

Blistering rough-arsed metal thrash! Untamed havoc of shimmering propensity, thrusting wild whines of alarming guitar wails into glass-shattering breakneck speed as chilling vocals by the storming crooner Mike Muir claw forth a devastating attack. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are a screaming cyclone of sheer power and determination, and this LP shows why they have such a strong following.

Youth Brigade Sound and Fury LP

The re-release of this LP, since the Stern brothers weren’t too happy with the first and were determined to put out a true quality product. Features only four songs off the first, and when these guys do something right, they go all out! This totally enjoyable slice of black vinyl is perhaps one of the best records money can buy. Lots of diversified touches, variations, and good harmonies from punk rap to hardcore speed and energy, which has all the melodies rumbling in your head. When you get bored of the rest, this performance will still reside on your turntable.

The System Thought Control cassette

Inveighing lyrics highlighted by a raunchy hard-edged guitar sound that whines and grinds. The SYSTEM make a blend of melodies and vivid rhythms that are distinct and vivacious, a raw exhilarating sound similar to ANTHRAX or CRASS, but with a strength all their own. Good enjoyable music.

  • Reviewer Pushead
  • Issue MRR #7 • July/August 1983

Rudimentary Peni Death Church LP

At long last, a RUDIMENTARY PENI album. The band delivers the essence of total imagination into their music, lyrics, and art—complete originality. Fast, creative, and haunting, the fascination continues with this overwhelmingly intense display of lunging vocals, screeching guitars, enticing bass, and roaring drum abrasiveness. Once again, the brilliance that is RUDIMENTARY PENI.

Asta Kask För Kung & Fosterland EP

Hardcore meets rock. Quick and melodic thrusts of boisterous energy from Sweden. Powerful harmonies and leads assaulting with raw harsh vocal cracks; foot-tapping insistencies stand triumphant and chanting. An excitable release.

Bastards Järjetön Maailma LP

Finland’s premier kings of total chaotic thrash. Hard-hitting, tight, and explosive fury with a metal edge. Bellicose convulsions of an invincible split-second attack of unrelenting mayhem. Brutal insistence sledgehammers an increasingly assertive charge of aggressive, raucous, rabble-rousing clamor. The BASTARDS’ velocity continues to be extraordinary, and they’re always creating more.

Les Cadavres / Vatican Split 12″

Clean production and sound quality, but the big question is “where is it from?” France, perhaps? LES CADAVRES have a strong style that resembles fast hardcore and the early COCKNEY REJECTS, with its chants, twin guitars, good hard vocals, and an overall good mix. VATICAN is slower and raw, with a driving punch of early punk styles like the SKIDS or GENERATION X. A very interesting effort.